Hello, this is Mildred Colvin with my first interview. To quickly introduce myself, I writeJanetweb[11]  romance for Heartsong Presents and have a 3-in-1 reprint just out this month titled Prairie Hearts. In fact I thought you’d enjoy seeing the cover of my book rather than my face this time. M. J. Conner is the pen name my sister and I used when we first started writing. This book will likely be the last one using that name.

    I’m interviewing Janet Lee Barton, a sister Heartsong Presents author.  Welcome Janet. Let’s learn more about you and your efforts to market your books.    


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 Girl Speaking Kathi Lipp here -sharing all the not-so-secret tips to building your platform through speaking. 


This article is taken from my booklet 5 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Speaking Career.

 The very first thing you need to do as a speaker is get a list of references together. You need to prove you’ve got some street cred. No one wants to hire a speaker that no one else will endorse. Event planners need to know that you have spoken before and that you didn’t pass out while doing it.


These endorsements will be used over and over again—on your website, promotional postcards, speaker packets and on other speaker websites that you will eventually become a part of.


If you are just getting started in speaking, you may be wondering who will endorse you.


Step #1


This is the time to start getting creative.


1. Brainstorm the times you have been in front of a group.


If you are pursuing a career in public speaking, chances are you have done some presentations, somewhere.


Maybe it was teaching a Bible study at church, or a talk you did for coworkers. Have you ever worked with a youth group, or been in a Toastmasters group? Those are all people who have heard you speak and can write an endorsement for you.


2. Offer to speak to a group, free of charge.


Many of my clients have started out by speaking for a group for free, just to get their foot in the door and to get their first endorsements rolling




in. Look for civic groups, mothers or MOPS (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers) groups. Most of these would welcome the chance for you to speak on a topic that is tailored to their audience.


Let them know that you will be happy to do the presentation for no charge as long as the leader of that group would write you a recommendation (if they felt that you were recommendation-worthy!) It is a win-win—they get a fabulous speaker that they may not otherwise be able to afford, and you get that oh-so-valuable endorsement.



3. Make it easy for the event planner


Experience has shown me that it is very hard for people to write recommendations. It is not that the event planner didn’t love you—quite the opposite. She knows that she is not able to express her feelings well enough to do you justice. Everything she writes sounds dull and flat to her ear.



I strongly encourage you to give her an example of a great endorsement—that way she will know what you are looking for, but can write the endorsement in her own words to best reflect you.


If there are key words that reflect who you are, let her know that those are areas that you would love for her to highlight if she felt comfortable. Again, you are not writing the endorsement for her (everyone can see

through those kind of endorsements…) but giving her a framework to work within that will make the task easier for her and more useable for you.






Hi, my name is Jeanette and it has been four years since my last book contract. That’s your cue to shout “Hi Jeanette!” applaud my honesty, and assure me that I’m loved.

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Philippians thm Frappe’ with Philippians

  •  ISBN-10: 0899573967
  • ISBN-13: 978-0899573960

Frappe with Philippians takes readers on a journey back to first-century Philippi, bringing them face-to-face with the Son of God who “emptied Himself” and unites them as a community. In this five-week study, present-day believers catch a glimpse of the joy they can experience when the church is united with one focus: seeing humanity’s need and making known God’s solution in the person of Jesus Christ.  Leader’s guide included.  The Coffee Cup Bible Study series (AMG) is designed for both group and individual use with guided study on the weekdays and relevant devotionals on the weekends. Each study comes with the entire Scripture book of the Bible or passage(s) included. 

Sandra Glahn, Th.M. is adjunct professor, Christian Education and Pastoral Ministries, at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), her alma mater, where she serves as editor in chief of Kindred Spirit magazine. She has finished the course work on her doctorate in Aesthetic Studies (Arts and Humanities) at the University of Texas at Dallas. In addition she serves on the women’s executive committee for bible.org, where she’s a regular blogger for the women-in-leadership Tapestry site. 

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Happy Monday to you, from Bonnie Leon.

Bonnie -- May 2009 I just finished a book that was supposed to take six months to write. It took more than a year.

I've been writing for a good long while and have never had so much trouble finding my story. However, I now have a novel I feel good about and I can't wait for it to land on bookstore shelves.

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