Vindicating the Vixens: Revisiting Sexualized, Vilified, and Marginalized Women of the Bible

by Sandra Glahn

Kregel Academic, November 2017

ISBN0-13: 978-082544413

Book description: 

Did the Samaritan woman really divorce five husbands in a world in which women rarely divorced even one? Did Bathsheba seduce King David by bathing in the nude? Was Mary Magdalene really a reformed prostitute? While many have written studies of the women in the Bible, Vindicating the Vixens: Revisiting Sexualized, Vilified, and Marginalized Women of the Bible is a new kind of book—one in which a diverse team of male and female scholars look afresh at women in the Bible whose stories we have misunderstood. The result is a new glimpse into God’s heart for anyone, male or female, who has limited social power.  (Profits from this work benefit the International Justice Mission.)

Author bio: 

Dr. Sandra L. Glahn, general editor, is a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). Dr. Glahn is the author or coauthor of more than twenty books, including the Coffee Cup Bible Study series. She is also a regular blogger for‘s Engage blog for women in Christian leadership. You can find more about her at



Julie Cosgrove

Julie B. Cosgrove’s short story, The Highway Chair, just tied for first place in the inspirational genre in a Texas-wide contest. It will be published in a book along with the other 14 genre first place winners: Best Short Stories in Texas 2017.

Congratulations on this honor, Julie!







Sandra GlahnSandra Glahn 

Dr. Sandra Glahn was featured on Dallas Theological Seminary’s “The Table Podcast” talking about Christianity and the Arts.

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H. L. Wegley recently learned that his Against All Enemies Series, books 1 and 2, Voice in the Wilderness and Voice of Freedom won Gold and Silver in the Readers’ Favorite 2017 Awards for Christian Thrillers.

What a wonderful double honor, Harry!




Angela Breidenbach, president of the Christian Authors Network, will be signing at the Romance Through History event at the Garden of Read’n in Missoula, MT on Sep. 16th from 2-4pm. She’ll share the history behind the love stories in her newest release Second Chance Brides Collection as well as Blue Ribbon Brides, Lassoed by Marriage, and Captive Brides Collection releasing Oct. 1st. She will visit with genealogy and history enthusiasts and will have The Bucket List Dare available too.

Don’t miss the chance to meet Angela if you live in the Missoula area!


Sandra Glahn, Martin Luther and the upcoming 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Fathom Magazine, July issue:


Lethal Harvest


Lethal Harvest: A Novel

Co-authored with William Cutrer

Kregel, May 27, 2016

ISBN-13: 978-082544409




In the midst of a malpractice lawsuit, an IVF clinic loses its brightest embryologist in a freak traffic accident. When a bomb destroys the lab and almost kills one of the deceased’s partners, the remaining partner pieces together illegalities in the embryologist’s research on an egg harvest. As the Machiavellian plot comes to light, everyone connected to the clinic is in danger.

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Sundin #D70 ©2008 Linda Johnson Photography web (2)Greetings from Sarah Sundin! Today I have the privilege of interviewing versatile author and theologian Dr. Sandra Glahn. In addition to a popular series of bible studies, she’s authored numerous books focusing on adoption, infertility, and bioethics.

CAN Sandra Glahn
Sandra, how many books do you have published? What are a few of your latest titles?

I have published eighteen books with traditional publishers, and I’ve coauthored three self-published titles. My most recent titles are in the Coffee Cup Bible Study series (AMG)—Sumatra with the Seven Churches and Chai with Malachi. The former explores Christ’s messages to the seven churches of Revelation. Also, my most recent novel is Informed Consent (Cook), a work of medical suspense.

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