All Saints

with Jeanette Windle

Bethany House Publishers

September 1, 2017

ISBN-10: 0764230271

ISBN-13: 978-0764230271

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Newly ordained, Michael Spurlock’s first assignment is to pastor All Saints, a struggling church with twenty-five devoted members and a mortgage well beyond its means. The best option appears to be closing the church and selling the property. But when All Saints hesitantly risks welcoming a community of Karen refugees from Burma, the coming together of two groups from opposite sides of the planet into one community under God ultimately becomes the salvation of both and the true miracle of All Saints. Discover the true story that inspired the Sony Affirm movie.



About the author: 

Jeanette Windle, an award-winning novelist and investigative journalist, has lived in six countries and traveled in thirty-five-plus. Those experiences birthed 16 fiction titles, including bestselling Veiled Freedom (ECPA Christian Book Award/Christy Award finalist) and Freedom’s Stand, (ECPA Christian Book Award/Carol Award finalist), and such non-fiction titles as ECPA Christian Book Award/Christian Retailing Best Awards finalist Forgiven: The Amish Schoolhouse Shooting, a Mother’s Love, and a Story of Remarkable Grace and All Saints.


Jeanette Windle

Jeanette Windle

Jeanette Windle

As the daughter of missionary parents, award-winning author and journalist Jeanette Windle grew up in the rural villages, jungles, and mountains of Colombia, now guerrilla hot zones. Her detailed research and writing is so realistic that it has prompted government agencies to question her to determine if she has received classified information. Currently based in Lancaster, PA, Jeanette has lived in six countries and traveled in more than thirty on five continents. Those experiences have birthed sixteen international intrigue novels, including Veiled Freedom (ECPA Christian Book Award and Christy Award finalist), sequel Freedom’s Stand (ECPA Christian Book Award, Carol Award, Golden Scroll Novel of the Year finalist), and Congo Dawn (Golden Scroll Novel of the Year) as well as such non-fiction titles as Forgiven: The Amish School Shooting, a Mother’s Love, and a Story of Remarkable Grace (ECPA Christian Book Award and Christian Retailing Best Awards finalist) and her most recent release, All Saints, also a Sony Affirm movie. Jeanette mentors developing nation writers in both English and Spanish on all five continents.To learn more, visit her at


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Speaker One Sheet-Jeanette Windle



Good day to you from Sarah Sundin!

CAN Windle

Today I have the honor of interviewing award-winning author, Jeanette Windle. Her most recent novel, Freedom’s Stand, was nominated for the Golden Scroll Novel of the Year, and her novel Veiled Freedom was a finalist for the Christian Book Award and the Christy in 2010.


CAN Windle Freedom's Stand

SS: Jeanette, how did you get into writing?

JW: Writing has always been such a part of my life, I can’t remember ever consciously wanting to write. The missionary kid boarding school I attended in the Venezuelan Andes put great emphasis on proper composition (we were doing term papers with footnotes in junior high), and we spent far too much time writing to ever daydream about it. I was newspaper editor and yearbook copy editor in high school. In college I did some short stories, then as a young missionary, my writing was mainly prayer letters and ministry material.

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Freedom's Stand Cover-weblarge Freedom’s Stand

Tyndale House Publishers

ISBN: 978-1-4143-1476-1

Set in contemporary Afghanistan, Freedom’s Stand concludes Veiled Freedom‘s story of three unlikely allies who came together in on Kabul’s dusty streets in their own personal quests for truth and freedom. But  in a country where political and religious injustice runs rampant, the cost of either may be higher than they realize. Will any one of them be willing to pay the ultimate price?

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If you are planning to pitch at either of the ICVM Pitch-a-thons, please read ALL of the following!

  • ICVM Distributors Pitch-a-thon: Friday, November 15th from 2 – 4 PM
  • ICVM/CAN Publishers Pitch-a-thon: Saturday, November 16th from 2 – 4 PM

Each 2-hour Pitch-a-thon gives you – the filmmaker, storyteller, or author – the chance to pitch one-on-one to at least two distributor or publishers of your choice at each event– just you and the distributor or publisher.  There’s no additional cost to pitch your project here! You choose the companies taking pitches that you feel are best suited for your project.

At the Distributor’s Pitch-a-thon:

  • You can pitch your finished product, or screenplay, book, TV series, documentary, children’s program, etc. for 5 minutes one-on-one. (If the distributor seeks only finished products, they aren’t looking for screenplays or books. If they seek screenplays, they will take book pitches.) Check to see what distributors are seeking to see who matches your project best. Research them to see what they focus on.
  • Sign-ups to pitch will start on the first day of ICVM after registration — first-come, first-serve. There are only 16 pitch slots for each distributor.

FILM DISTRIBUTORS (Choose up to 2 — Subject to Change Without Notice)

Provident Films (Ashley Chambless, Trey Reynolds)

Seeking: Screenplays, Finished Products

Pure Flix Entertainment (Linda Blazy)

Seeking:  Finished Projects, Features are the first priority

Collide Media (Bob Elder, Steve Break, Brian Lange)

Seeking:  Screenplays and Finished Projects, all types

Vision Video (Bill Carroll, Karen Rutt, and/or Bill Curtis)

Seeking:  Prefer TV Programs (all types) or Movies finished or already in production, but will consider others.

Ocean Avenue (Chris Bueno)

Seeking: Finished Narrative & Documentary Feature Films

The Giving Company (David Henriksen, Bobby Downes)

Seeking: Finished Product, or Screenplay based on Book or True Story

Parables TV (Isaac Hernandez)

Seeking: Finished products preferred, all types, but open to Screenplays.

Skipstone Pictures (Johnny Remo, Daniel Knudsen)

Seeking: Screenplays or Finished Product

Cobalt Pictures (Travis Mann)

Seeking: Finished Product or Screenplays

PUBLISHERS AND COACHING: Publishers 10-minute slots/Coaches 15-minute slots

  • Publishers in family and faith-based publishing will take pitches one-on-one of manuscripts, self-published books, and movies or TV series that could be adapted into books, in a format that caters to the publishing industry.
  • Mentor/Coaching professionals will take 15-minute appointments to help you with questions about your WIP (work in progress), editing tips, traditional and self-publishing advice, book proposal assistance, marketing assistance,
  • Sign-ups to pitch will start on the first day of ICVM after registration — first-come, first-serve. 9 slots per publisher available. Extra open slots will be awarded as available.

 PUBLISHERS (Choose up to 2 — Subject to change without notice)

Kregel — (Jeanette Windle)

Seeking: is really ramping up our fiction line and welcome more; we even have two Regency romance series going strong. There are no fiction subgenres that we won’t consider, so long as there is strong Christian content. strong nonfiction additions to our line, Christian living titles in particular. We’re not too hot on memoir at the moment; it would need to be unusually compelling.

Whitefire Publishing (David White)

Seeking: 3 publishing imprints: always looking for the unexpected.

WhiteSpark: Stories for young readers. Where the love of books begins.

WhiteFire: Fiction and non-fiction ~ laugh, cry, and grow your faith. Where Spirit Meets the Page.

Ashberry Lane: Fiction with a focus on romance. Heartfelt stories of faith.

Giving Company  information pending.


Draft2Digital information pending

Offering: We are Self-Publishing with Support. Your book is your priority. Our priority is you. We build tools and services that let you focus on writing while we take care of layout, publishing, distribution, and more.

Ingramspark (Deon McAdoo)

Offering: If you’re an independent author or publisher looking to publish quality print books and ebooks with global book distribution and free resources to help you self-publish successfully, you’ve come to the right place! Once you write and format your book, we make it possible to share it with the world.

COACHING MENTORS (Choose up to 2 — Subject to change without notice)

Angela Breidenbach — Fiction/non-fiction/memoir, marketing, self-publishing tips, craft of writing, broadcasting/podcasting help.

Anita Agers Brooks — Book proposals, reviewing/helping tighten one-sheets, WIP advice, marketing, self-pub and traditional publishing tips, writing strong hook and copy tips.

Linda Goldfarb — Review your WIP, pre-pitch tune ups, book design brainstorming.

Kathy Ide — Book proposals, reviewing WIPs, and giving general advice about the book publishing industry.

Bob Saenz — Screenplay pitching.



The first pitch group will be allowed into the room PRECISELY AT 2:00pm to find their professional’s table. Only people pitching for each time slot will be allowed in the room during the pitch time – all others must wait outside.

Each pitch group will go in every 7 minutes (for Publishers Pitch-a-thon, every 12 minutes). Each group will be lined up at the door as soon as the previous group goes in, so be at the entrance door at least 10 minutes BEFORE your pitch time (for Publisher/Coaching Pitch-a-thon, be there 15 minutes early!)

A signal will be given to ‘start’, and you will have 5 minutes to pitch to that distributor, 10 minutes for Publishers Pitch-a-thon, 15 minutes for mentor/coach. A signal will end, and you MUST STOP PITCHING. The next group will enter the room, find their distributor, and start pitching on the signal to start. This will repeat until we have cycled through all the time slots.


Your five (or 10) minutes will pass quickly.  For distributors, we suggest you have a 2-3-minute pitch to catch their interest and makes them want to read or hear more. Then spend the last two minutes getting feedback from them.

You can pitch more than one project, but it’s not recommended. If you do, rehearse it to stay within your time. When time’s up, it’s over.

You can show a video clip to them if you have a finished project or trailer. DO NOT DEPEND ON THE HOTEL INTERNET HOOKUP FOR SERVICE. If you have video to use, have it pre-loaded on your device and ready to display. That 5 minutes will go fast.  And, you must leave the table when time is up!


A one-page leave-behind or a business card should be plenty.  If you show video, that one-pager should include a link to the video. If you have a finished project, they may ask for a copy or link. Publishers will expect whatever is standard for the industry.

Most of our distributors and publishers have flown in and won’t pack scripts or materials to take home. If they like it, they might ask for a copy. Most likely they’ll ask you to email one. However, realize if they aren’t interested in your project, they may not ask for it and may not want a one-sheet. (Rejection is no fun. But it happens.)


No matter what happens, PLEASE SHOW RESPECT AND GRATITUDE TO THE DISTRIBUTORS and PUBLISHERS. THEY ARE DONATING 2 HOURS OF THEIR TIME to take pitches from you. They don’t have to do that. But they want to help give you the experience of pitching to a REAL distributor or publisher, the way it often happens in the film, TV, and publishing worlds.

REMEMBER: Just about everyone at ICVM are filmmakers and storytellers – so don’t limit pitching your project to the Pitch-a-thons. Your project may come to fruition from connecting with a producer, director, or writer in the halls or between seminars!

See you at ICVM! We hope your experiences here are a blessing to you.