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Am I doing enough? Four ways to please God.


How can I write and speak to reach enough people in order to please God?

That question played a nagging tune in the background at odd times—while preparing a keynote message, writing the next chapter in a book, posting  inspirational messages on Facebook, or hosting a radio show.


With permission:

The answer came one sunny day. The Orlando afternoon was hot, and the parking lot even hotter.

Devotional Encouragement

Filled with Fear or Firm in Faith?


Sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise. In the midst of writing and heading to speaking engagements, God whispers a call to a different task. Mine was a mission trip to Bolivia and Peru. A special visit in many ways for me as Bolivia happens to be my birthplace.

The weather was beautiful. A shower of blessing upon blessing poured upon me. And the folks whom I ministered to shined joy into my days. But in the middle of doing good work, a bad glitch appeared.

Encouragement Inspiration for Writers

Getting rid of stress


Who loves classical music these days? My six-year-old granddaughter does. And Mozart is one of her favorite composers. She plays his music over and over again.

The other day, she pulled my hand. “I love it. C’mon, Nana, let’s dance.”

Dance? It’s not salsa, I thought. I smiled and shuffled a bit, trying to follow the beat and move with grace. But not my little princess. She twirled, jumped, wiggled, stomped one foot, then the other, and moved from here to there. Then when it was over, she was out of breath but said, “Let’s do it again.”

Encouragement Inspiration for Writers

How to craft happy endings


Have you ever worked on a piece so much that you practically memorized it? That was me when, for the umpteenth time, I rewrote the first chapter of the novel I had completed. The story, engaging and the characters, sassy and insightful. The end product was, well, in my opinion, pretty wonderful.

Then it happened. I got it back from the editor. I swallowed hard and my shoulders drooped with disbelief. The whole thing was riddled with corrections, questions, and endless suggestions for improvements. I cringed, but accepting the changes was imperative because the editor had in mind a great product and a better story. She outlined her plan for results that, no doubt, would shine.


Encouragement Inspiration for Writers

How to find reassurance


“Over a hundred years? Who in the world wants to live that long!” my friend said as she read the story of the man who has been documented as living the longest in modern times—a Bolivian man, reported to be 123 years old.

His story perked my interest because this toothless man and I have two things in common: we’re both from Bolivia and we both eat Quinoa.

Encouragement Inspiration for Writers

Overcoming Fear of Snakes


I’m a rare bird. I’m not afraid of snakes, not really. Could it be that I don’t see them?

The other day this was put to the test. My 6-year-old granddaughter jumped on my lap. “Nana! There is a huge lizard on the carpet.”

Huge lizard? She likes lizards and she usually guides my hand to grab them by the tail (catching them happens to be a common thing in Florida).  But this “huge” lizard might in reality be a snake.

So what does a logical, collected and calm blind Nana do? I grabbed my most effective and best weapon—a broom.

Janet Perez Eckles


She danced through her blindness, smiled through her storms and today, sings the melody of victory.

International speaker and author, Janet Perez Eckles is in love with life, and with a passion to teach you to do the same.

She tasted the bitterness of sorrow when she faced complete blindness at 31. And years later, she endured the murder of her youngest son and the abandonment of her husband.

But rather than sink in self-pity, she surrendered her life to Jesus. He showed her that adversities didn’t have to defeat her. And because of His grace, Janet became your encourager in her role as an author of four books, international keynote speaker, radio host, and Christian life coach.
Her mission is to have the pages of her books and her keynote messages ignite in you a passion to overcome your own fears, conquer your mountains of impossibilities and reach triumphant success.

Comment from audience member: “When I came, I felt defeated by the problems in my life, but, Janet showed me and empowered me to know there is nothing I cannot conquer.” Veronica M. I thought I’d

Janet’s impacting story has attracted the media, appearing as guest in dozens of television and radio programs. They include Fox 35 News, the Spanish version of 700 Club, Focus on the Family, Good Morning America, Verdades in Enlace Network, and in several programs on Univision and Telemundo networks.

She has been quoted in national magazines and was featured on the cover of Hispanic Woman Magazine.

Janet has authored four Christian inspirational books, including Simply Salsa, Dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta. She has published hundreds of magazine articles, contributed to 17 Christian anthologies, and has published stories in Guidepost Daily Devotions, in Daily Prayers and in 31 “Chicken Soup for the Soul” best-selling titles.

Janet’s YouTube channel features her “See What’s Cooking” segments, in addition to numerous inspirational videos on her “Moments With You” series along with engaging podcasts as well.

Janet’s work has been recognized with the following awards:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award (the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Central Florida)
  • Latina Women Who Makes a Difference Award
  • Women of Distinction Award
  • Professional Excellence Award
  • “Beyond Me” Award


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Some of Janet’s Speaking Topics:

  • The Four E’s of Excellence
  • Courage to Defeat Fear
  • Defying All Odds
  • From Trials to Triumph
  • Be Strong and Courageous
  • Forgiveness—the Path to Freedom
  • Delete Guilt, Delight in Grace
  • Prepare to Conquer Adversity
Encouragement Inspiration for Writers

Helping turn the corner of pain



I’m dancing in my blindness and rejoicing in my disability.

Crazy statement, isn’t it? But I think you’ll agree with the reason I have joy dancing in my soul.

First, my friend, who has been there for me for years, always answers, “No problem…that was easy,” each of the dozen times I ask her to format documents, to post these blogs, or perform research for me.

Encouragement Inspiration for Writers

How can I be courageous?


It was the strangest thing. My pillow was lumpy. What in the world? I thought as I reached inside the pillowcase and pulled out several of my favorite scarves one right after the other—my red, green, and lavender.

“Young lady,” I called out to my six-year-old granddaughter.

I lifted one in the air. “Did you do this?”

”Uh, uh…yes.”

I frowned. “Haven’t I told you that if you played with them, you must fold them and put them back where they belong?”


“And haven’t I told you that we must have a place for everything and…”

She completed the sentence, “…everything in its place.”

“And haven’t I told you there are consequences for disobeying?”

But that disobedience lesson was for me, too. And dare I say, maybe for you too? You know, when painful setbacks, rejected contracts, empty calendars, or overwhelming marketing strategies darken our days, we often do the same. We stuff our hearts with fear, anxiety, discouragement and distress.


With permission:

But God who observes our heart that’s lumpy with things that don’t belong there, loves, gentle, yet firm: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9).

Father, how I needed that command to be courageous. To be strong because of your power that’s in me. To be confident because of your strong arms to hold me. I will put everything in its place—my disappointments in your healing power, my stress in your promise of peace, and my fear in your reassurance that you will be with me wherever I go. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • What is stuffed in your heart lately?
  • What needs to be released today?
  • What keeps you from being completely free?




Cheering you on to experience life, harvest its lessons and share their outcome.

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What to do when good things end

"JanetPerezEckles-Typepada"Goodness gracious, how can that happen? In all the years of hosting friends in my home, I never had an embarrassing moment like this.

For my gathering last Sunday afternoon, I prepared my favorite, delicious dessert. In a large, glass bowl, I layered pieces of yummy, sweet stuff.

In the midst of the ooh’s and aah’s after each bite, a guest who arrived a little late made her way to the counter where my beautiful display sat. But to my horror and her disappointment, the bowl was empty. Gulp.