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Go Back to Your Roots

"Dave&books"Hi, Dave Fessenden here, with something for you Christian writers out there to ponder. Have you ever thought about the roots of your writing? No, don’t go out in the back yard with a shovel (unless maybe you buried a manuscript out there!). I’m talking about the chronological roots of the material you write.

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Backstory Is a Whole Other Story

Dave Fessenden here with some thoughts on writing for this Friday blog.

I am experienced in nonfiction—I wrote a book on the subject, in fact—but when it comes to fiction, I still have a lot to learn. My first novel is coming out this month (The Case of the Exploding Speakeasy), and though I’m getting a lot of good reviews, I am not sure I’m ready to teach about fiction.

With that disclaimer, let me share an observation I had when reviewing a potential client’s fiction manuscript.

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Tips From the Pros: David E. Fessenden

"Spencer.2013"Greetings from Colorado this colorful season. Davalynn Spencer here to introduce David E. Fessenden, author, editor, and teacher.

Welcome, David. Tell us how you got into writing?

I have always loved words and been good at expressing myself in written form. So when I prayed about what major to pursue in college, I sensed God saying, “How about a writer?” and so I studied journalism.

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Are You Stretching Yourself?

Hi, Dave Fessenden here, with a question for my fellow Christian writers: Are you stretching
There are many times in my ministry as a Christian writer in which I feel like I’m becoming stagnant, like I’m writing with my eyes closed. When I feel that way, I try to counteract it by delving into a genre of writing with which I am unfamiliar. Though this is hard, it can be be a great growing

No, I don’t always come up with something publishable that way, but that’s OK; the purpose of the
exercise is not to produce great writing, but to retrain your writing muscles in a new way — to stretch yourself.

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Why waste time with a book proposal?

My current nonfiction project is a book on writing that was solicited by a publisher. Since I have already been given a contract for the book, and I have a tight deadline, you may be surprised to hear that one of my earliest steps in the process is writing a proposal."Dave&books" What?

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Learn How to Write from the World’s Greatest Best Seller

Hi, I’m Dave Fessenden, author of Writing the Christian Nonfiction Book: Concept to Contract. "Dave&books"I’m here to share a brief writing tip with you.

If you want to learn great writing techniques, study great writing. Some of the best instruction can be found in the pages of the world’s greatest best seller, the Bible.