Hola from Janet Perez Eckles…Igniting Your Passion to Overcome

During one of the first writer’s conferences I attended a decade or so ago, I met another writer. She was in the bathroom blowing her nose and sniffling. We chatted a bit and she related her devastation about the comments that had been scribbled throughout her manuscript. Read More →



Janet Perez Eckles

Hola from Janet Perez Eckles…Igniting Your Passion to Overcome

A friend I knew from high school came to visit recently. As we sipped tea, we laughed about our days as teens.

But then she got a bit serious and said, “You know, when you broke up with my brother, he was devastated.”

Guilt came over me. I remembered the details of dating him. And for reasons only a 16-year-old immature girl knows, I ended the relationship in an insensitive and abrupt way. Read More →

Author, Janet Perez Eckles

Author, Janet Perez Eckles

Janet Perez Eckles, Igniting Your Passion to Overcome

When I began this writing and speaking journey, my goals were lofty and my ambition, passionate. I could taste the success as thousands of readers would devour my insights.

I fell for the lie that says you have to do extraordinary things to be a true servant. And I believed that nothing less than selling tons of books or speaking to thousands would please God.

But rather than me focused so much on speaking, God’s wisdom speaks to me now. And recently, He did that very thing.

My friend and I were on the way home from dinner. I sat on the passenger’s seat beside her. We stopped at a red light and she quickly reached in her back seat. “There’s one,” she said as she rolled down her window. She quickly handed the homeless man a plastic bag filled with a can of Spam, a washcloth, a water bottle, potato chips, a napkin, protein bars and among other items, a track explaining God’s salvation.

I’m so impressed,” I said. “How long have you been doing this pretty cool thing?” Read More →


Janet Eckles

How can I write and speak to reach enough people in order to please God?

That question played a nagging tune in the background at odd times—while preparing a keynote message, writing the next chapter in a book, posting  inspirational messages on Facebook, or hosting a radio show.

09-19-14 dead battery

With permission: wikimedia.org

The answer came one sunny day. The Orlando afternoon was hot, and the parking lot even hotter. Read More →


JanetPerezEckles-UseSometimes it’s a pleasant surprise. In the midst of writing and heading to speaking engagements, God whispers a call to a different task. Mine was a mission trip to Bolivia and Peru. A special visit in many ways for me as Bolivia happens to be my birthplace.

The weather was beautiful. A shower of blessing upon blessing poured upon me. And the folks whom I ministered to shined joy into my days. But in the middle of doing good work, a bad glitch appeared.

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