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Tips from the Pros: Davalynn Spencer

"Pieper1"Greetings from historic Philadelphia, where I’m teaching “WannaBe
Published,” a continuing session, at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers
. I always enjoy spending time with other writers, and this
conference is dear to my heart.

Every month, Davalynn Spencer, Sarah Sundin, and I alternate in posting interviews with our fellow CAN authors for this “Tips from the
Pros” feature. So I take special delight in sharing the following interview
with Davalynn. She has some creative answers and insights to share that I know
you’ll enjoy.

Welcome to the other
side of the interview desk, Davalynn. How did you get into writing?                                                                              

Words captured me years ago, in the sixth grade, to be
exact. Since then I’ve scrounged and scratched for just the right words to use
in devotions, inspirational columns, biographical sketches, crime-beat reports,
feature stories—and more recently—novels.

I love the variety
there! How many books do you have published?

"CoverMy first fiction piece was an e-book novella from White Rose
Publishing, As You Are at Christmas.
Heartsong Presents picked up my contemporary romance which releases August 6, The Rancher’s Second Chance, and signed
me for a three-book historical series set in Colorado. The first book in the
series is set to release in February 2014. I also have a short romance
published in OakTara’s I Choose You.

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Tips from the Pros: Angela Breidenbach

"Pieper1"I don't see a sign of April showers here in Florida, but Angela Breidenbach, today's featured author, may be watching out for snow showers in her Montana home. She and I became acquainted a few years ago when we both taught at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference, and our paths have crossed in several professional ways since. I'm thrilled to introduce Angie and her newest book, which released April 1, to our CAN audience! 

How did you get into
writing, Angie?                               "IMG_6565pt2small_Breidenbach" 

 I started my writing career with articles for Group Magazine and my local newspaper.
But I started my journey into writing through a personal journal. 

 How many books do you
have published?

Two traditional books, one each nonfiction and fiction. But
I also have two self-published cookbooks and a long list of compilations,
devotions, and articles.


Tips from the Pros: Lynda T. Young

"Pieper_compressed"Greetings from sunny–and short–springtime in central Florida! Marti Pieper here, lifting my head from my current manuscript long enough to share an insightful interview with author Lynda T. Young. Lynda not only has an interesting journey to publication but some unusual elements to her marketing strategy as well. Welcome, Lynda! Let's forge ahead with the interview. 

How did you get into writing? How many books do you have published?
What are a few of your latest titles?

I co-founded a ministry, Kindred
Spirits International, in 1999 and we
sent out a newsletter. My articles mainly dealt with children’s hospitals and
an African refugee mission. I was also volunteering at Egleston Children’s
Hospital here in Atlanta, and God laid it on my heart to write a book for
families of children with cancer. My husband had been in cancer research since


Tips from the Pros: Maureen Pratt

"Pieper_compressed"New Year's greetings from central Florida! Now that you've finished off all the extra fudge and gingerbread cookies, I hope you'll take time from the treadmill long enough to read today's marketing insights from award-winning playwright, journalist, and author Maureen Pratt. Maureen has lots of wisdom to share, so let's get started.

Maureen, how did you get into writing? How many books have you published, and what are a few of your latest titles?

I was always writing–scripts, songs, stories, even a comic strip–when I was young. My first paid writing job was as a stringer for a local newspaper. I covered stories and


Tips from the Pros: Linda Gilden

"Reclaim1compressed"In the throes of news about superstorm Sandy and the election, I'm delighted to bring you some helpful information from author Linda Gilden. I know her gracious answers to our CAN questions will spur your thinking about marketing your own books.

How did you get into writing?

I have loved to write ever since second grade, when I wrote the story of my younger brother's birth. My teacher let me read it in front of the class, and I was hooked! However, because of a discouraging experience with a college creative writing professor, I gave up my dream of writing for many years. About twenty-five years ago, my husband encouraged me to pick up my dream again. I attended my first writers conference and discovered an exciting world I never knew existed.


Tips from the Pros: Tracy Higley


An end-of October hello from Marti Pieper in beautiful Mount Dora, Florida, where the advent of fall means temperatures have dipped to a chilly fifty-five degrees (yeah, I know). Today, I have the privilege of sharing with you the marketing and publicity expertise of multi-published author Tracy Higley. I know you'll enjoy her insights as much as I have. 

Tracy, how did you get into writing? 

 I've been writing since I was a little girl–short stories, newspaper articles, poems, plays, and fiction. I got serious about publishing about thirteen years ago and decided to write a novel and try to get it published.