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Guidelines For A Compiled Book Series


It’s amazing to me that compiled books are still being published. Even what is most likely the longest running series, the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, is still taking submssions and printing books. Years ago, a publisher invited me to start a compiled series called God’s Vitamin "C" for the Spirit and I caught the fever. I ended up compiling and editing about a dozen books in the series. Every once in a while someone contacts me with an idea for a compiled book and I still contribute to those as I can. Because of the successful books in my series, I could call myself "a best-selling author" and those books helped put my two children through college.


Why Do I Put So Much Pressure On Myself and Others? by Kathy Collard Miller


When Counting to Ten Isn’t Enough by Kathy Collard Miller
A strategy for confident parenting

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Head shot of Kathy Collard Miller


Author/speaker Kathy Collard Miller


Larry giving sermon in Warsaw, Poland, with an interpreter.


Kathy teaches a writing class in Warsaw, Poland.

Kathy and Larry

Kathy and Larry at their wedding in 1970.


Paul and the Prison Epistles: the Smart Guide to the Bible series by Kathy Collard Miller and Larry Richards, Ph.D. from Thomas Nelson Publishers.