Your Friendship Circle

from Pam Farrel

Text Message: “A frnd lvs @ al tms.*
* “A friend loves at all times . . .” Proverbs 17:17 NIV

My friend, Dawn Wilson, and I, wrote a book called LOL with God: Messages of LOL - final front coverHope and Healing for Women. It is a unique devotional that has a humorous story on one page and a daily devotional on the other, and the theme through the book is “text messages” between you and God. In one of these devotionals, Dawn shared who is in her friendship circle, and at the Christmas season, as I looked at the type of friends any leader, any person, needs, I dovetailed the Christmas story into the styles of friends to see what else we could learn about how friends help accomplish important goals. Here are my thoughts:

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CRCphotography (3 of 16) crop purpleGreetings from Pam Farrel  of Love-Wise:

In our Simple Skills for Success books (for men and women) we share a quote we have said hundreds of times to our own children as well as everyone we have lead or mentored:

Quality attracts quality. Be a quality person and you will  attract quality people.

This principle is also true in relationships between author and audience, and speaker and meeting planner. I have sat on both sides of an event desk: 1) as the Pastor’s wife and Director of Women’s Ministry hosting an event and 2) as the Guest Communicator speaking at an event. One of the items authors sometimes forget is that meeting planners are people too. Read More →