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Susie Larson here…

I have some fun news to share with you. For the past two and a half years I’ve worked as an on-call radio host for a live talk show. In June we launched my new radio show, Live the Promise with Susie Larson. The program airs every Saturday morning from noon to 1:00 CST (you can also listen online).

Last week my guest was Chrissy Toledo (daughter of author and Pastor Jim Cymbala – Brooklyn Tabernacle and Carol Cymbala, director of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir). She shared about her prodigal journey away from God’s heart, and how she found her way home again. This was a powerful show! 

If you need a spiritual boost, check out the podcast from that show.

And, I am REALLY excited about this week’s show! Listen in as my guest is syndicated radio host and author Jim Burns. We’ll discuss his great book, “Closer: Devotions to Draw Couples Together.” We had an excellent interview and Jim offered lots of great wisdom for couples. Listen in on KTIS AM 900, or listen online at:

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Ava Pennington

Author, Ava Pennington

Hi, everyone! Ava here, from the sunny (as in hot, hot, hot!) Treasure Coast of Florida.The calendar says August, but I’ve been writing October on all my paperwork – because that’s when my first book will be released!

As much as I’m eager for October 1st to draw near, I’m conflicted, too. I can’t wait to hold my book, but the fast-approaching date has ushered me into the world of marketing. I’d much rather focus my energies on finishing my next book, but as we all know, that’s not an option. My first baby needs to be introduced to a waiting world. Okay, so maybe the only ones waiting are my husband and a few friends and family, but with the marketing activities I have planned, that will soon change (she said hopefully!).

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When Touching the Clouds
arrived in the mail I wasn't sure if the author could
pull off a book with such an independent heroine during the depression. Well,
Leon did it. 

Kate Evans calls off her marriage and heads to Alaska in her small plane to be
a bush pilot. She leaves Washington State and its heartaches behind, hoping to
support herself in the rough Alaskan terrain.

She runs into major problems, from unpredictable weather to judgment from other
male pilots.

She's not the only one hiding in Alaska. So is Paul Anderson. He has his own
memories that he is trying to hide from. You'll wonder if he's running from the
law or himself.

While Touching the Clouds has some
romantic elements, I didn't feel as if the entire story was centered around
romance. Reading about Alaska during the depression, “flying” with Kate, and
enduring the challenges with her make this book special. Even better, this is Book One of the Alaskan series, so there is more fun to come for Leon's


Happy Monday from Bonnie Leon.



Authors lead busy lives.

Writing requires large chunks of time, plus there is the continual process of editing. We’re either working on a manuscript or in the middle of one that’s back from the publisher requiring changes. There’s also marketing do be done, which demands a good deal of our time. Plus we have church, communitiy functions and family fun and drama. Sometimes it feels like there is not one free moment. With those kinds of pressures how do we stay close to the Lord?

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BioPicBluesJan here, enjoying a beautiful day in the foothills of the Sierras. I’m getting ready to wander out to a coffee shop to meet a writing friend, but before I do I’d like to add another post to my sumer interviewing series.

Today’s focus will be the development of strong interview questions. Two goals: First, in your interviews, you want to get to the good stuff that will bring your writing to life. Second, the interview won’t be boring for you or your interviewee.

So where to start . . .

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