2019 CAN Crown Award Winners


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2019 CAN Crown Award Winners

CAN Crown Awards

Excellence in Christian Marketing and Media for Books, Book Series, or Brand

Purpose of CAN Crown Awards: To recognize, educate, and encourage excellence in marketing and promotion skills of all Christian authors.

Top award winners also received a marketing package. Links to many of the interviews and other promotions are below each winner’s name. Specific interview acceptance by any venue is outside of our control. But the prize package includes CAN requesting major media interviews such as those below for contest winners in 1st-3rd place. No specific interview is guaranteed at any time. Please enjoy those we have listed as an example of past winners’ experiences.

Outstanding Broadcasting Award

Gold: Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, for promotion of her book Sacred Rest: Recover your life, renew your energy

Silver: Michelle Medlock Adams & Bethany Jett for their book Platinum Faith (double-finalist, Silver, Outstanding Broadcast Media)

Bronze: Susan Neal for her book 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar & Carbohydrates, (double-finalist, Bronze, Outstanding Broadcast Media)

Finalist: Michelle Medlock Adams for her book Dinosaur Devotions (Double-finalist, Finalist, Outstanding Broadcast Media.)

Outstanding Web Presence Award

Gold: Carla Hoch for her Fight Write brand

Outstanding Visual Media Award

Gold: Adria Wilkens for promotion of her book and brand, The Joy Box Journal

Silver: Linda Goldfarb & Kelly Harris for promotion of their book Lovey Mouse in The Night Before Christmas

Bronze: Linda Goldfarb & Kelly Harris for promotion of their book Lovey Mouse Easter