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Welcome to the 2020 #CANCROWN Awards!

Crown Awards

The CAN Crown Awards Celebrate Excellence in Christian Media and Marketing by Authors.

Purpose of CAN Crown Awards: To recognize, educate, and encourage excellence in marketing and promotion skills of all Christian authors.


Who can enter: Traditional and independent authors are welcome to enter the CAN Crown Awards in one, two, or three categories. Or, multiple unique submissions within a category are also accepted. However, no single submission may be entered across multiple categories. Each individual entry is counted as a single submission. You may enter all three categories. That would be three Individual entries. You may enter as many times as you like. Each entry must be fully complete with payment per category to be eligible. 

Cost per entry: $40 CAN Member/$80 non-member, paid via Paypal. Once you’ve submitted your entry, please proceed to the Paypal buttons to pay for your entry. Verify the name on your entry is the same as the name on your payment. Please note which category (or categories, if more than one) you are paying. We must be able to match your payment to your entry.

Who may not enter: Current contest director, contest committee members, and the CAN board.

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Contest opens: June 17, 2020!

Last day of entry: August 31, 2020.

Finalists announced in advance of the Crown Award Banquet.

Final Crown Awards presented in November (TBD pending travel restrictions, otherwise will be presented online.)

3 Categories focused on marketing excellence:

  • Visual Campaign—Examples include: Memes, social media, physical media (print materials: postcards, posters, flyers, etc.)
  • Broadcasting—Examples include: Television, radio, podcast, interview specific to the author or their book, series, or brand.
  • Web Presence—Includes: Website/Blog/Newsletter. (But not social media as that is judged in the Visual Campaign.)

Judging Components:

  • 10% ROI (Return on Investment)
  • 20% Investment (financial and time)
  • 35% Engagement (real human interaction)
  • 35% Innovation (creativity)

Judges are independent and are not current CAN board or committee members or the conference director. Should an emergency occur, the CAN board may choose a replacement judge. All decisions are final.

Contest Rules: 

  • Any campaign, broadcast, or web presence entered must focus on a Book, or Book Series, or Brand. The marketing campaign (visual, broadcasting, web presence) must have started between January 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020. The campaign does not need to encompass the entire 18-month span, only begin within those dates to be eligible.
  • We accept multiple submissions. Separate entry form must be filled out and submitted for each entry.
  • Multiple unique submissions within a category are accepted. However, no single submission may be entered in multiple categories. Each individual entry is counted as a single submission. You may enter all three categories. (That would be three Individual entries.) Each entry must be fully complete with payment per category to be eligible. 
  • All categories: Links to any online submissions must be included and be live during competition judging.
  • Entrants will submit a description of campaign, broadcasting, or web presence to include, but not limited to:
    • Goal of campaign/broadcast/web presence to measure outcome
    • Calendar of campaign events
    • Overview description of campaign/broadcast/web presence
    • Links to campaign and/or promo videos/website/broadcast that show the full scale of marketing/promotion
    • Meme(s) or meme campaign jpeg submitted
    • Bookmark pdf or jpeg submitted
  • Any book/book series/web presence with multiple authors is eligible per the appropriate category, however the award acts as a group award.
  • Christian Authors Network board and contest director may, at their discretion, update the rules annually.
  • Depending on the number of entries, categories may be combined at the discretion of the Christian Authors Network board and contest director.

What makes an eligible campaign?

A campaign is a marketing plan built for recognition and/or sales that integrates multi-faceted engaging, shareable, effective strategies to communicate the book, book series, or brand to readers, retailers, and/or librarians.

The CAN Crown Awards recognize that each book, book series, and/or brand are individual. Submissions should portray the full scale of the campaign. Eligible submissions could include, but are not limited to:

  • Broadcast: Ongoing broadcast or single broadcast can be on any audio or audio/visual platform such as Facebook Live, Instagram TV, talk radio, IHeartRadio, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Can also include audio and/or audio-visual media interviews of which the author must be the featured guest of any media interview. If a broadcast is within a private group, judges must be able to access for the purpose of judging.
  • Newsletters: Authors must submit pdf of the newsletter and/or series of newsletters that make up one campaign.
  • Blogs: must be accessible through the author’s website; awards will focus on the overall blog, not an individual blog post.
  • Website: Examples include WordPress, Blogger, etc. Stats independently verified. Websites cannot be a static page.

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