Karen2009 Aloha from Karen, CAN Treasurer
A friend who is a promoter mentioned that people can easily do damage when promoting themselves. They may talk too long, push too hard, or sound like a carnaval barker. Listen to ads and what turns you off, as well as what piques your interest in a product. And our talk, as Scripture reminds us, should be seasoned with salt (lightly not forceful selling).


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IMG_4809 Tricia Goyer here:

I don’t often use the word “promotion.”
Instead I like to think of my efforts as “sharing the good news” of what has been happening with my writing. During the holiday season there’s no better way to do this than through a Christmas newsletter.

Below is my newsletter. There was a lot of good news to share, including good news about my book releases and my up-coming projects. I’ve found that my friends and family like to celebrate with me …. and they often share my books with friends. Yeah!


Goyer Christmas Letter 2010


There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. Ecc. 1:3

new baby, new daughter-in-law, new hometown, new house (twice), new college graduates, new job, new books, traveling to new places … and that’s just the start


  • In January we were chosen by an amazing birth mom to adopt her baby girl. Celebrate!
  • We also traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas where John had an interview with FamilyLife. God’s plan?


  • Good news. FamilyLife made John a job offer. We love this ministry!
  • We prepped our house and put it on the market. We also prepared for our baby girl.
  • Tricia’s book Songbird Under a German Moon (Summerside) hit store shelves!



  • Alyssa Catherine Marie Goyer was born on March 16th. Beautiful baby!
  • March 24th we loaded up our U-Haul, said goodbye to our friends and family and headed to Little Rock. It was hard leaving so many we loved, but we were excited to see what God had in store.


  • John starts working at FamilyLife. He feels blessed to work in such an amazing place.
  • Sadly Grandma Dolores decides to leave Little Rock. She moves to live with her daughter in California.


  • Tricia turns in her novel, Beside Still Waters. It’s her first Amish novel, due out April 2011.
  • Cory and Leslie graduate from Flathead Valley Community College with their AA degree. Congrats!
  • Tricia’s co-written book, Life, In Spite of Me (Multnomah) is released.


  • Tricia travels to Montana to research her Amish books.
  • Our family starts attending an amazing church … Mosaic Church of Little Rock.
  • Tricia’s novel, The Swiss Courier, co-written with Mike Yorkey is nominated for a Christy award and she attends the award’s ceremony in St. Louis.
  • Leslie turns 18. (She told me to include that!)


  • Cory marries Katie Curtis. Another amazing gift … a new daughter-in-law!DSC_9149-Edit

    Tricia is excited to have her co-written novel, Love Finds You in Victory Heights, Washington (Summerside) released!



  • Tricia turns in Praying for Your Future Husband, co-written by Robin Jones Gunn. In bookstores May 2011.
  • The Goyers move from their Little Rock condo to an apartment one minute from John’s work.
  • Tricia attends the final reunion of the 11th Armored Division to interview veterans.



  • Alyssa is getting bigger and bigger. Our baby girl is such a joy to us!
  • Nathan starts his junior year of homeschooling.

October IMG_4710

  • Leslie moves to Little Rock! John flies up to Montana and they drive down together.
  • Tricia finishes her edits for Remembering You, a contemporary novel about a granddaughter/grandfather trip to visit WWII battle sites. Due to be out September 2011.
  • Leslie travels to The Czech Republic to visit our Czech friends and our Czech daughter, Andrea.
  • Tricia starts Teen MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) in Little Rock. Leaders join the cause and many young moms attend!
  • Tricia travels to Monterrey California to attend a Books and Such retreat.


  • Tricia speaks at Hearts at Home and gets to see her friend Marie in Rochester.
  • Tricia turns in her second Amish novel, Along Wooded Paths. Due to be out Fall 2011.
  • John is asked to be the Executive Children’s Pastor at Mosaic Church!


  • Cory and Katie move to Little Rock. Our family is together!
  • Alyssa learns to crawl. Forget Dora the Explorer … we have Alyssa the Explorer!
  • Tricia is working on a co-written novel with Mike Yorkey. She currently has two novels to write next year. Her third Amish novel, and a historical novel with Barbour. God is good.
  • Our Montana house is still for sale. Your prayers are appreciated!


Overall, it was an amazingly busy year. One year ago we never imagined we’d move to Little Rock, adopt a baby girl, or get a new daughter-in-law, but we are thankful. God has provided every step of the way. He is faithful!


Love, John, Tricia, Cory, Katie, Leslie, Nathan … and Alyssa!




Headshot-Small Hey all,

Greetings from Cat and Kregel Publications! When I came to work this morning, I was planning on writing this post about a completely different topic. But when I sat down at my desk, I did what every marketing manager does when she first arrives in the office—I opened my email. In hindsight, that probably wasn’t the best thing to do because I spent the next hour answering queries from ad reps, questions from coworkers, and quandaries from authors. One email in particular took me by surprise.

Written by a first-time author, the email was only a few sentences in length. Short. To the point. I like that. She was asking for advice on how to get her book into the hands of people who could help promote it. Influencers, I thought. Impressive. Since we only just finalized the title of her book and haven’t even finished designing a cover, I was impressed that the author was already thinking about a post-release promotion. It was the last sentence, however, that really caught my attention:

“Would you be willing to give me your thoughts on my list of endorfluencers.”

Her what now?

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Amazon Author Central
Once your book is listed on Amazon.com, you can set up and Amazon Author Central page, which is a page Amazon customers can click on to learn more about you and your books. Author Central pages will be linked to all your product pages on Amazon.com.

First, go to this link and log in to Amazon.com. http://tinyurl.com/2ats3cp. An information page will come up. At the bottom is the option to “Join Now.” Click on that. Accept their terms and agreements, then follow the steps to set up your page. You’ll have to select your books from the list. You can also add your author picture, a bio, a link to your blog, more pictures, a video or book trailer, and participate in discussions that readers start.

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Aloha from Karen. It’s a beautiful day on Maryland’s eastern shore. This is one of my granddaughters reminding me that time spent with someone is important and we should make the most of those moments.


It’s also been a great week where a few aspiring writers have written to thank me and let me know results of networking and I have also seen fruits from networking.


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