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One of the biggest challenges for authors is determining how best to stay connected to their readers. There are many options for us today and here are a few you might wish to explore.

First, consider those you meet in person. How will you capture their contact info? Business cards and bookmarks are great tools for marketing yourself, but consider offering monthly drawings which you can offer to place "their" business card in (or yours with their contact info on the back) so they can have a chance to win.

Next, where will you store their contact info once you have it? When I first began I used an Excel spreadsheet. But after my list grew I determined I needed a contact database that also allowed me to send newsletters. There are several: Mailchimp.com, Act.com, constantcontact.com, verticalresponse.com, and iContact.com

Your website and/or blog is another place where you meet fans and need to stay in touch. Ask your web designer to add a place for fans to sign up for your newsletter, tips sheets, or announcements about new books.

Social Media is a great way to stay connected to fans. There are many options here. The trick is to find one that fits you: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-In. The tip here is to be regular and consistent in your posting.

Finally, stay connected to your readers by consistently putting out good content. Articles, blogs, new books are the glue that will keep your readers tuned in to see what you are writing next.

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I am working on it! I have some things going forward from last year that are the top priority.


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