My Journey to Publication & What I’ve Learned Along the Way

Hello from Pamela Meyers

I’ve been askedPam2011SmallChinFist to write a series of blogs about how my debut novel came to be and what was entailed in its ultimate publication last November. Especially how the conceptualization relates to marketing the book once it was published. Like a proud mama, I’m always pleased to talk about the birth of my baby. Isn’t that how we authors come to think of our stories, be it your very first novel, or your hundredth?

What better combination is there than a good romance coupled with a who-done-it mystery written cozy style? At least to my point of view, that’s always a dynamite combination. Since I was a girl, I loved reading mysteries. Think Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. As I grew into my teen years, I started reading romance stories. One of my favorites was called Geneva Summer, which was set in my home area of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I devoured that book, not only because it was fun to read a story set in places I knew well, but also because I couldn’t wait to see if the hero and heroine ended up together at the end. Of course they did, as all good romances go.