Jan Kern

Meet Jan—an author, speaker, mentor, and life coach, who enjoys encouraging others toward a life lived with joy and vigor and God-inspired courage, creativity, and vision.

A bit about what Jan is doing in the writing, speaking, and coaching world . . .

In the ministry and work world, I’m an author, speaker, and credentialed life coach who is passionate about how we each can embrace and courageously live God’s unique design for us. Whether through written words, one-on-one, or in a speaking forum, I love giving space for discovery and creativity, for deeper conversation and connection—with God and with others.

Writing and Speaking . . .

My upcoming writing projects and books are shifting from the teen/young adult focus of my former published works, and I’m excited to be focusing my writing and speaking on topics that are of specific interest to women.
I have had delightful opportunities to engage with a wide variety of audiences in contexts including workshops, retreats, conferences, chapels, assemblies, and also through radio interviews.

Life Coaching

As an International Coach Federation credentialed life coach and certified transformational coach through Western Seminary, I enjoy creatively partnering with my clients in their career, transitional, spiritual, or wellness goals. Through coaching, I walk alongside to help them discover ways to understand themselves and others better, and to stretch, strategize, and move forward in new ways. I find it a privilege to cheer on each individual as they work to develop their potential for individual or team effectiveness with greater awareness of who God created them to be

I also enjoy watching for creative ways to incorporate what I do as a coach into my work as a writer and speaker. Some of my coaching clients are other coaches, authors, or aspiring authors seeking to strengthen their writing skills, voice, and reach.

“I see the uniqueness of the coaching modality for individuals, teams, and families, for faith conversations that transform. I see a vision of hope—individuals who deeply grasp who God created them to be and who are courageously rooting themselves in His plans for their future. Not because someone fed it to them, but because they have done the hard work through coaching conversations to think, pray, and work to discover it. I’ve watched it in action. They get it. They own it. That excites me.”

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Sarah Hamaker

A freelance writer and editor, Sarah Hamaker has written two nonfiction books: Ending Sibling Rivalry: Moving Your Kids From War to Peace (Beacon Hill Press, 2014) and Hired@Home (DPL Press, 2008). Her stories have appeared in several Chicken Soup for the Soul books, including Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers. Sarah blogs about parenting on her website, and is a frequent writer on parenting issues for Her articles on parenting have appeared in the Washington Post’s On Parenting blog and in the Local Living print edition. In addition, she won the 2015 ACFW Genesis award in romantic suspense.

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Doreen Hanna


Doreen Hanna is passionate to fulfill her mission statement. She looks for every opportunity to guide women, of all ages, on a journey to discover their princess within and embrace the life of royalty they have been called to live!

As the Founder & President of Treasured Celebrations she enthusiastically continues to encourage moms and mentors to become influential leaders. Hundreds of Modern Day Princess leaders have already impacted the lives of thousands of teenage girls guiding them to grasp their royal purpose, value and strength.

Doreen is an engaging and inspirational speaker. She incorporates her life experiences, humor, and knowledge of God’s Word into every talk.

Her ability to speak to the heart is a result of her turning her pain into power. She often shares her personal story of how she overcame the rejection of her father as a little girl, the 20 years of marriage that was filled with alcoholism, and the revelation of sexual abuse in her own family.

Doreen speaks knowledgeably from God’s Word due to her 25 years as a Bible study teacher and imparts it with grace and understanding as a certified Christian women’s counselor.

Her growth as a speaker grew significantly when she was asked to become the first West Coast Rep for Women of Faith and was soon called to emcee many of their pre-conference events.

Today, Doreen is a faculty member of The organization that trains up and coming speakers and authors. She enjoys every opportunity that allows her to see and encourage others to recognize and began using their God-given gifts.

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