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Stories have always been a profound tool for connecting, teaching, and inspiring. Jesus himself used parables—simple stories used to illustrate moral or spiritual lessons. I, Susan Neal, have woven personal and relatable stories throughout my latest book, 12 Ways to Age Gracefully: How to Look and Feel Younger, to help illuminate complex health concepts and encourage a proactive approach to aging.

One of the most personal chapters in the book, Keep Your Brain Young, delves into the critical issue of brain health through the lens of my family’s experiences. My mother suffered a stroke at eighty-five, which led to dementia, and my father-in-law had Alzheimer’s disease. These aren’t just medical conditions listed in a textbook; they are realities that affected the people I love, influencing my passion for health education and preventive care.

In telling these stories, I aim to do more than just share personal sorrow. I want to provide practical, actionable advice that can prevent such devastating diseases. The strategies I discuss are based on:

  • decreasing inflammation,
  • improving dental hygiene,
  • engaging in enjoyable physical activities,
  • optimizing vitamin levels,
  • minimizing toxin exposure,
  • and enhancing cognitive stimulation.

Each point is not only a piece of advice but also a part of preventive care.

Cognitive decline, whether from Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other related diseases, often involves multiple contributing factors. By addressing these factors comprehensively, it is possible to significantly slow down, or even reverse, cognitive decline. Identifying and treating the root causes of cognitive issues is essential, and I delve into how each strategy can be integrated into daily life to protect and enhance brain function.

The personal stakes are high for me. I am determined not to end up like my mother—cognitively impaired and a burden to my family. Watching my mother’s gradual decline was one of the hardest experiences of my life. She eventually passed away at ninety-one after years of her brain and body deteriorating, a shadow of her former self. This deeply personal loss is not just a story but a driving force behind my commitment to educate others on how to potentially avoid similar fates.

By integrating my personal stories with scientific research and actionable advice, 12 Ways to Age Gracefully aims to do more than just inform—it seeks to motivate change.

12 Ways to Age Gracefully

Each story I share is crafted to make the scientific information relatable.

I hope that by sharing stories, readers feel a connection with me, the author. And that these stories motivate them to make lifestyle changes not just for oneself, but for the family members who might otherwise bear the burden of care. I encourage everyone to consider the simple modifications in this book to improve not only brain health but overall quality of life as they age.

In conclusion, 12 Ways to Age Gracefully isn’t just a health book; it’s a scientifically backed guide and a storybook all rolled into one. It’s about understanding the science of aging through the stories of those who’ve lived it and making informed choices that could drastically alter the course of our lives and the lives of those we love.

Susan U. Neal, Author

Fascinating Friday Feature – Susan Neal

Susan Neal, an RN with an MBA and masters in health science, combines her passion for health and her faith to guide others toward wellness. As an acclaimed author, of nine books including the bestseller 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates she inspires others to improve their health. Her 2024 publication, 12 Ways to Age Gracefully: How to Look and Feel Younger, uplifts the health of the senior Christian community. Her children’s book, Eat God’s Food, further extends her mission.

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