by Lee Ann Mancini

In the world of writing, each author has their own story behind the scenes, often hidden in their
daily routines and unexpected sparks of inspiration. For me, it all starts bright and early at 5 am,
with a hot cup of coffee, a conversation with God, my Bible in hand, and a deep dive into

Looking back on how it all began, my Sea Kids children’s books were born from the stories I
made up and told my kids to help them understand how God wanted them to deal with everyday
situations in life. Back then, I had no idea that my God stories would become a book series
whose oceanic characters and life lessons would become an animated TV series and DVDs! Each
story that became a book or TV episode was written straight from my heart, mixed with a healthy
dose of imagination and God’s guidance.

My passion for a more profound knowledge of God and research to help parents raise their
children to love Jesus ultimately led me to write blog articles, script and record my podcast, and
eventually write my latest parenting guide, Raising Kids to Follow Christ, Instilling a Lifelong
Trust in God.
As a bonus from those “digging deep” sessions, I created a six-week small group
parenting curriculum, Parenting with Purpose. You never know where God will take something
as simple as a story you tell your child to help them understand God’s love!

I have learned that each type of writing is unique in its focus, research, creation, editing, and
production. My latest book, Raising Kids to Follow Christ, was all about spending countless
hours researching and culling through thousands of pages of books, articles, podcasts, and blogs
by experts in Christian parenting and children’s spirituality.

It was not until after my children were older that my writing journey began.

There were moments when I thought, “Seriously, God?” Like when He nudged me to write children’s books or return
to college after I turned 45! But in those moments of doubt, I found unexpected blessings.
In the maze of advice from other writers, I wish someone had warned me about the danger of too
many options. It’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. Through it all, I’ve learned the power
of patience and the humbling truth about my terrible spelling skills. I am SO grateful for spell-

My blog posts are all about sharing fun parenting tips with my readers. Much information comes
from experts, other parents, and my life experiences. My podcast episodes are scripted from my
research and filled with conversations with parents, authors, podcasters, and parenting experts.
And each type of podcast requires something different in how the episodes are put together and

But beyond the challenges, there’s something truly magical about this writing journey. It’s not
just about putting words on paper—it’s about diving deep into scripture, guided by a loving and
faithful God. Each day, I uncover new layers of wisdom, forever changing how I see the world.

In this journey, I’m not just a writer; I’m a vessel, guided by the divine, and every word I write
becomes a testament to the incredible grace and wisdom of Almighty God.

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Lee Ann Mancini

Lee Ann Mancini is the award-winning author and executive producer of the Sea Kids series books, animated TV episodes, Parenting with Purpose small group curriculum, and her newly-released parenting guide, Raising Kids to Follow Christ, Instilling a Lifelong Trust in God. She is also the host of the Raising Christian Kids podcast and is an adjunct professor at South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary. Lee Ann is the
mother of two adult children and lives with her husband in South Florida, where she is passionately pursuing her calling to help parents raise lifelong Christ-followers.

Learn more about Lee Ann and her non-profit at

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