Every name God calls Himself and every name His people have called Him holds clues to who He is, how He relates to His children, and the promises He has made—and kept.

This devotional offers you a wonderful opportunity to spend time each day getting to know God more intimately by exploring His names and attributes. Perfect for both new Christians and longtime believers, these life-changing devotions will help you discover something new about who God is, who you are, and how you relate to others.


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Any book that helps me draw closer to the heart of God is one I will read and keep on my shelf for future reference. Reflections on the Names of God is one of those books. I particularly loved how the author classified her devotions in one of three ways: Looking Up, Looking In, and Looking Out. It’s important that we first look up to understand who God is before we have the right perspective about who we are and then how we are to function with others in this world. The writing is sound theologically and inspiring personally. The beautiful design work in this hardback book also makes it a perfect choice for a gift. I recommend it highly.

~ Janet McHenry, Bestselling Author


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Ava PenningtonAva Pennington is an author, speaker, freelance editor, and certified writing and speaking coach. She also teaches a weekly Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class. Ava is the author of Reflections on the Names of God: 180 Devotions to Know God More Fully (Revell Books), a gift book edition of her one-year devotional. Three devotions for each of 60 names/attributes explore who God is, how this changes us, and how this changes our relationships. Visit www.AvaPennington.com 
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