Speaking Engagements – Developing Your Outline or Talking Points

Photo WG2 Medium SizeHi.  Winnie Griggs here, with the next installment in my posts about speaking engagements. To read previous installments, see the links at the bottom of this post.

Today we’re going to discuss creating an outline for your presentation. And remember, as I’ve mentioned in some of my previous posts, I’m a very strong type A personality so I tend to plan everything out to the nth degree. You can take this to whatever level of detail works for you.


Speaking Engagements – Finding Speaking Venues

CANHi.  Winnie Griggs here, with the next installment in my posts about speaking engagements.  So far we’ve covered why book speaking engagements, dealing with butterflies  selecting a topic and creating a speaker resume.  Today we’re going to talk about finding speaking opportunities.

Whether you just want to build up your confidence or build up your resume, you can start by seeking out opportunities in your own back yard.  Local organizations are always looking for speakers.

Inspiration for Writers

In the Trenches, Part 2

BioPicBlues Hey, writers! Jan here, writing once again with a focus on nonfiction–though the topic today could apply to fiction writers as well.

Last month I offered In the Trenches, Part 1, where we looked at how crucial it is to get into our reader’s skin and keep them in mind while we write. We looked at ways we can get closer to our reader—intentional about knowing who they are from multiple angles, including through real conversations.

We’re going to take that deeper in this post.

Begin by imagining being trapped in a room . . .