Angela Breidenbach

Angela Breidenbach

Angela Breidenbach, CAN president
Angela Breidenbach
CAN president, Genealogist, and Author.

Christian Authors Network president, Angela Breidenbach, is a bestselling author, professional genealogist, screenwriter, speaker, and media personality. She builds the characteristics of courage, confidence, and candor into the heroines she writes with the goal that every book is always good for your heart.

Angela Breidenbach received certifications in mentor/peer counseling as a Stephen Minister; Letters of Paul theological study; life coach through Coach Training Association; and has multiple business and management certifications. She’s also a Toastmaster trained public speaker (and past chapter president). In addition, because of her love of learning, Angela has her genealogical methodology, genealogical lecturing certificate, and will add specialties in English Records Summer 2021. Audience favorites are Scottish travel and genealogy talks.

Angela is married, has a combined family of six grown children, and now a passel of grandchildren. Laugh along with Writer and Muse, Angela’s fe-lion assistant, whose antics are often found on Facebook or twitter as well as on the A-Muse-ings blog.



Angela uses warmth, humor, and fascinating stories as she deeply connects with and entertains her audience. Talks and topics suitable for retreats, teas, keynotes, events, & book clubs range 20 minutes through full weekend retreat settings. These talks can be combined for longer events or as a special event keynote. Contact Angela for your own customized talk or program.

Genealogy, Writing, Podcasting/Vlogcasting, Humorous Events, and more.

Download and print this speaker sheet:

Researching Genealogy in Scotland:
Turn your dream trip into a reality

Grace Under Pressure: How to be a woman of confidence, courage, and candor
The secrets of becoming a woman of grace under pressure, confidence, courage, and how to express yourself in a gracious manner. (Matches the podcast. A book is also in the works…)

String Slams
Pure entertainment as Angie leads a variety of authors in stringing unrelated stories together creating original comedy on the spot. Live, funny, never the same! Excellent for building book club participation.

Victim or Victorious
Overcoming the past to live a brilliant future to become the person God wants you to be. Drawn from true experiences in Angela’s life and the women who have overcome difficult pasts. You can too!

Crafting a Legacy
How to pass on your faith, family stories, and talents.

Transparency With Discretion
In this tell-all world, how do we learn the biblical value of discretion? Angela shares guidelines, examples, and tips to help you regain discretion and wisdom in your life. Tips to help your family learn it also.

For Writers:

Judging Books:
What are book judges looking for and how to judge books objectively, book covers, formatting, content, voice, active prose, and more…

What does it take to become a writer?
1-2 hour workshop that helps aspiring authors gain a solid overview of the real writing world and how to start a career. The longer workshop goes deeper into each area.

Powerful Prose: Passive to Active
Ridding your manuscript of wordiness, passive writing, and editing power into your work.

Acting for Authors
2 hour workshop. Getting into your characters’ heads and then putting the emotion, motivation, and conflict on the page. Learn to build a rich story and intimate connection with your readers by transferring personal emotions and experience into the pages of your book through thespian techniques of emotional transference, character projection, and the art of physical action/reaction.

What do people say about Angie’s speaking and teaching?

“Loved your workshops at #inwcw. Thanks for the great information you shared and for being so approachable. Blessings!” –Pamela Thorson, author and workshop attendee

“Angie has amazing passion and mission for helping others achieve their goals and live healthy, fulfilled lives. With her eye always on the Big Picture, she is an unending source of inspiration, energy and empowerment for others.” – Tosca Lee, NYT Bestselling Author

“Any cause Angie supports is truly blessed. She has so much energy and passion.” – Linda Bauman, Owner Market Place Media

“Angie B. was EXCELLENT!! A wealth of info and she put her whole heart into her presentation. Lots of GOOD energy!!”  attendee

“Love Angela B’s workshops … she is so full of important tidbits of info for beginning and intermediate writers.” – attendee

“Really appreciated Angela Breidenbach’s workshops – she packs so much into it in a fun and energetic way! Good info!” – attendee

“Is that the ball I see sailing over the outfield fence? Homerun!” – Clint Kelly, author/communications specialist Seattle Pacific University/co-director NW Writers Renewal