Doreen Hanna

Doreen Hanna is passionate to fulfill her mission statement. She looks for every opportunity to guide women, of all ages, on a journey to discover their princess within and embrace the life of royalty they have been called to live!

As the Founder & President of Treasured Celebrations she enthusiastically continues to encourage moms and mentors to become influential leaders. Hundreds of Modern Day Princess leaders have already impacted the lives of thousands of teenage girls guiding them to grasp their royal purpose, value and strength.

Doreen is an engaging and inspirational speaker. She incorporates her life experiences, humor, and knowledge of God’s Word into every talk.

Her ability to speak to the heart is a result of her turning her pain into power. She often shares her personal story of how she overcame the rejection of her father as a little girl, the 20 years of marriage that was filled with alcoholism, and the revelation of sexual abuse in her own family.

Doreen speaks knowledgeably from God’s Word due to her 25 years as a Bible study teacher and imparts it with grace and understanding as a certified Christian women’s counselor.

Her growth as a speaker grew significantly when she was asked to become the first West Coast Rep for Women of Faith and was soon called to emcee many of their pre-conference events.

Today, Doreen is a faculty member of The organization that trains up and coming speakers and authors. She enjoys every opportunity that allows her to see and encourage others to recognize and began using their God-given gifts.

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