Endings are Beginnings

Karen1210 Aloha from CAN Treasurer Karen Whiting

With one week before my book deadline I’m working on endings-the indexes, appendixes, and final review. But it’s also time to look at beginnings. From the time I thought of the idea for the book I also thought of the marketing and the audiences.

As I hand in the book it’s the end of the writing and the real beginning of promoting the book. The book, co-authored with CAN member Jocelyn Green, is Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front of American Wars.


Inspiration for Writers

Turning Your Interview Research Into More

BioPicBlues Jan here, writing to you once again on a beautiful day from the sunny foothills of the Sierras.

In this last post in my series on interviewing, let’s take a look at more ways you can use the interview that you now have skillfully procured . . .