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I’ve been posting a series on Tension and Conflict and today I’ll provide some information on using Scene and Sequel Structure in fiction.  Using this method, an author can enhance tension by creating effective pacing techniques. This has to do with a balance of fast moving scenes to ones that are more contemplative. Each type of scene has a purpose, but along with purpose, the technique enhances tension.

As you know, a novel is a series of chapters often divided into scenes. But scenes also can be thought of in two ways—scenes and sequels. Dwight Swain covers this technique in his book Techniques of the Selling Writer. Read More →


Gail Gaymer Martin H from Gail Gaymer Martin at www.gailmartin.com. Right now, I am away from home on staff at the American Christian Writers conference in Dallas, Texas, and today I want to give you some information on purposeful details. Description can connect with readers when it evokes emotion, and it can also deepen characterization by helping expose characters’ attitudes. When you use detailed descriptions in your novels, think about the affect the details have on readers. Develop them to get the most emotional impact you can. And how do you do that?

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