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Linda J. White
Linda J. White

Hi, I’m Linda J. White writing from Somerville, Virginia, where the cherry trees and Bradford pears are in full bloom, blowing blossoms everywhere and proclaiming the beauty of God’s creation. As writers, we, too long to bloom, to create, to proclaim his name to the four corners of the world. We write our hearts out, and then, well, how do we tell the world about it?

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Little Things Mean A Lot

Ava Pennington
Author, Ava Pennington

Hi, all – Ava Pennington here. Happy New Year, everyone!

New year, new calendar. I love the potential of a brand new calendar, don’t you? All those pristine pages with their empty little boxes…well, they started out pristine when I unwrapped the cellophane. But they’re filling up quickly!

As I look back on the past year, I had so many thoughts about how to market my book. I had planned certain tasks for six months before publication, three months before, the month before, the week of…you get the idea. Unfortunately, the calendar got away from me, and many of those ideas remained unfulfilled. I began to view the dwindling calendar as my enemy.