Encouragement Inspiration for Writers

Overcoming Fear of Snakes


I’m a rare bird. I’m not afraid of snakes, not really. Could it be that I don’t see them?

The other day this was put to the test. My 6-year-old granddaughter jumped on my lap. “Nana! There is a huge lizard on the carpet.”

Huge lizard? She likes lizards and she usually guides my hand to grab them by the tail (catching them happens to be a common thing in Florida).  But this “huge” lizard might in reality be a snake.

So what does a logical, collected and calm blind Nana do? I grabbed my most effective and best weapon—a broom.


The Power of Networking and Conferences

Aloha from Karen. It’s a beautiful day on Maryland’s eastern shore. This is one of my granddaughters reminding me that time spent with someone is important and we should make the most of those moments.


It’s also been a great week where a few aspiring writers have written to thank me and let me know results of networking and I have also seen fruits from networking.