Rebecca Ondov Back Cover Photo
Davalynn Spencer, Author

Davalynn Spencer

Davalynn Spencer here, wondering how November showed up so soon. I don’t think I’m ready, but author Rebecca Ondov is with her featured book today, Great Horse Stories for Girls.

Welcome, Rebecca, give us the back-cover copy for this book that I would have loved to read growing up. (Okay, still would.)

Girls love horses! Horsewoman Rebecca Ondov invites tweens (ages 8 to 12) to enjoy these true horse stories that will help them build confidence in God’s love, make wiser choices, and create stronger friendships, as well as encounter life-changing truths that will help them grow strong spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Rebecca Ondov Back Cover Photo

Rebecca Ondov

Wow – what a great introduction. What inspired you to write this book?

My heart aches for the generation of children that are being raised today. So often, through the media and culture, kids get the impression that they have no value. When in reality they are a one-of-a-kind treasure created by God Himself. My goal with this book is to help them see themselves as a priceless gift from God. Read More →


Great Horse Stories for Girls Cover 2Have you ever noticed that many girls are horse-crazy? Through true-life devotionals of her horses, author Rebecca Ondov uses the “Horse Crazyiness” to share God’s love in a fun way, plant seeds of faith into girls’ hearts, and to help them know that they are treasured by God Himself.

The stories bloom as Rebecca runs an experiment with a foal to see if it would interact with her—while it was still in the womb. And it did! The foal pushed its hooves out the side of the mother’s flank and let the children, who were with Rebecca, pet them. Read More →