Aloha from Karen


I’ve been working with one of my editors who wants changes to books I wrote. He sends very gracious messages. I know he wants the best for the book and doesn’t want me upset, but wants to bring out the best work I can do. I’m all for having a better, more saleable product that will reach more readers so I cooperate and rewrite. And I love how the changes have been coming out.

I’m also working on a book with a co-author. We need to be a team and I love my co-author. That’s how t should be as we work with someone. We pass on information tone another and research/leads that help the other person have some great information.

Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 remind us we are to be team players and work together for the edification of one another and God’s glory.

When editors hear the words, “God gave me every word so nothing needs to be changed” that’s a Fort McHenry sized banner that the writer is not a team player and doesn’t believe God also gave us editors to polish and sharpen a message. Let’s talk about being a team player

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