Sundin #D70 ©2008 Linda Johnson Photography web (2)Greetings from Sarah Sundin in California. Oh, what a treat I have for you today! Judy Gann is one of my dearest writer friends. I’ve been blessed by her gentle spirit and kind encouragement, and I’ve benefitted from her phenomenal knowledge as both a writer and an experienced librarian. I know you’ll be blessed too.

CAN Judy GannJudy, how did you get into writing?

I started scribbling little stories in second grade. My first published piece was a character sketch of a six-year-old, published in a high school literary journal. Then life became busy with college, teaching, and then library work. Several years ago I developed neurological/cognitive problems due to a severe reaction to a medication. I was bedridden for a year and when I returned to work, I couldn’t even write a memo. Over the next seven years, my ability to write slowly returned. I believe that God gave my writing gift back to me, and I have a responsibility to use it for Him.

Soon after, a friend asked me for a list of Bible verses that encourage me when I’m struggling with chronic illness. I saved the list, and years later these verses became the basis for The God of All Comfort: Devotions of Hope for Those Who Chronically Suffer.

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