C. Kevin Thompson

C. Kevin Thompson

Good day from Kevin Thompson! Last month, I began this blog post with a reminder to remember our brothers and sisters in the Carolinas and other locations affected by Hurricane Florence. Now, here we are, needing to remember our brothers and sisters in the panhandle of Florida and others devastated by Hurricane Michael. And we still have over a month of hurricane season left to endure! Pray for a quiet thirty-plus days.

It is apropos then to welcome our next guest to the Florida front porch, Annette O’Hare, whose book, Redeeming Light, deals with the greatest hurricane disaster in U.S. history.

So say hello to Annette!

Annette O'Hare

Annette O’Hare

Annette, tell us about your book.

Redeeming Light is a love story between a fearless young rancher woman, and her uncle’s reserved law apprentice. Sarah and Frederick’s story takes place against the backdrop of the Great Galveston Storm of 1900 that claimed the lives of over 6,000 people. Read More →