Sarah Sundin Publicity Photos 2008 007 CAN Susanne Lakin Greetings from Sarah Sundin in California, where the plum and nectarine trees bloom in the rain. One of my favorite March happenings is the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. Last year I was at Mount Hermon to see Susanne Lakin (writing as C.S. Lakin) win Zondervan's First Novel contest and receive her first contract. That novel, Someone to Blame, will release in August 2010. Today we hear from Susanne and see what exciting things have happened since winning that contest.

Susanne, how did you get into writing?

I was raised by a Hollywood screenwriter. Both my brother and mother were successful TV writers and producers, so I was raised CANsomeone to blame collating scripts, helping with storylines, and developing series for TV with my mother. I wrote my first TV show pitch at age twelve, which got turned down. I wrote my first novel twenty-two years ago, which was picked up by the first agent I contacted – a top ABA agent, who assured me he could sell my book in a New York minute. But that never happened. I'm on books ten and eleven now, and I've had six or seven agents. Currently I have two agents – one for my fantasy books and one for my psychological mysteries. They are both ABA agents who sell to New York houses. I'm trying hard to break into ABA, as I want to write to nonbelievers and work my way into issues of faith and God.

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