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10 D’s of Time Management for Writers

Author, Speaker, and Humorist

“Nutty with a Dash of Meat” Jeanette Levellie here with some tips to help  you Shock the Clock and gain more writing time:

  1. Delight yourself in the Lord 

Put God first and He will collaborate with you to help you meet your goals.

  1. Do away with fear

Progress in baby steps, and ask friends cover you in prayer with each new venture.

  1. De-clutter and de-junk

Managing clutter is a huge time-eater. Give yourself permission to throw or give away.  Enlist a friend’s help to de-junque.

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Make Reasonable Resolutions

Kathy Collard Miller
Kathy Collard Miller

Hello from Kathy Collard Miller, writing from the beautiful desert near Palm Springs, California.

It’s the New Year and I’m going to have to remember to write down 2017. And along with a new year often come the traditional resolutions. I’d like to encourage you to think a little differently about those. For instance, have you ever said things like:

  • I’ll never get angry again. 
  • I’ll always show love toward that person who is unlovable. 
  • I’ll never be discontent again. 
  • I’ll always be joyful in every circumstance. 
  • I’ll have my devotions every day?

It’s easy to think that such determination will bring us success. We may think that God demands such commitments. But have you noticed that when we can’t follow through, we get discouraged and give up? Even thinking God has given up on us also?

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Overcoming Those Pesky Time Thieves That Attack Writers

Author, Speaker, and Humorist

“Nutty with a Dash of Meat” Jeanette Levellie here with a few ways to help you overcome those pesky time thieves that attack us all.

When someone stole our credit card information, we canceled the card. But when time thieves break into my writing schedule and steal precious time, I shrug and say, “I’ll do that project tomorrow.” Too many of these robberies lead to unfinished projects and blocked goals. Your time-stealers may vary, depending on your personality. I imagine you can relate to at least some of these productivity robbers that regularly sneak up on me:

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When You Are Too Busy

Jeanette Levellie headshot“Nutty with A Dash of Meat” Jeanette Levellie here with a chapter from my latest ebook cover
book, Touchable God: Finding the Lord’s Friendship Through Prayer, which releases next month. It is a combination of prayer-journey stories and prayers for friends in crisis. I thought you might find some strength in the prayer about busy-ness:

“Lord, my friend is choking on responsibilities. She is trying to do too much, to be all things to all people. I know this is not Your plan for her.

“Because she loves people and fears disappointing them, she says yes more than she says no. Her schedule is crammed to bursting. Because she accomplishes tasks with excellence, she’s a magnet to people who need things done.

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Five Ways to Stay Sane while Raising Cain (or Jane)

Jeanette Levellie
Jeanette Levellie

“Nutty with a Dash of Meat” Jeanette Levellie here with some tips for those of you with kids at home, taken from my Time Management for Part-time Writers  conference class, Five Ways to Stay Sane while Raising Cain (or Jane).

Although my kids are done being kids, I’ve learned a few secrets—mostly the hard way—of managing my time when I had only scraps of it to manage. I hope these help and encourage you.

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An Opportunity Is Not Necessarily God’s Open Door

Kathy Collard Miller
Kathy Collard Miller

Hello from Kathy Collard Miller in the Southern California desert where it actually can get cold!

As I visited with my friend who complained about everything going on in her life and all she felt compelled to do, I could sense she expected me to volunteer to help. My heart went out to her but I’d really been seeking God’s will rather than responding to every need of others. It took every fiber of my trust in God to not offer to take some of the load from her, but in my heart, I knew God wasn’t calling me to this particular need.

Although I still succumb at times to the pressure of other’s needs, I’ve come a long way in learning to seek God first. A major help was seeing Jesus’ response to needy people. Of course, He healed the needy people clamoring for His help, but I also remind myself of a curious passage of only two verses that we could easily overlook. It’s Luke 5:15-16: “But the news about Him [Jesus] was spreading even farther, and great multitudes were gathering to hear Him and to be healed of their sicknesses. But He Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.”

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Confessions of A Clutter Hypocrite

Jeanette Levellie
Jeanette Levellie

“Nutty with A Dash of Meat” Jeanette Levellie here, with an excerpt from my newest book, Shock the Clock: Time Management for Writers and Other Creatives:

I was going to include a chapter about keeping clutter at a minimum as a means to manage time. But then I looked around my office and spied piles of papers and books on my desk, a tape measure hanging from the doorknob, and a bulletin board showing very little cork. In the dining room, the backs of our chairs serve as shirt hangers, and cat toys litter the floor. Bibles, journals, and books jostle for position on my love seat. 

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No Time Like the Present

"MaureenHi! Maureen Pratt here with my monthly blog. Usually, I write in this space about the craft of writing. But today, I want to take a bit of time out to ask: Are you ready for the flurry of the holiday season? Or, more to the point, are you looking ahead to the next couple of months to make sure that writing commitments can be fulfilled in a quality way while the social and spiritual whirl of November and December move all about?

I find this time of year one of the most inspirational, but also one of the most difficult to keep working away steadily and with full attention. Yes, the music and festivities of these months are wonderfully moving. But they happen at just the time when I literally must not move for chunks of time…move, that is, from the chair in front of my workspace…Deadlines don't seem to disappear merely because we're celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.

So, each year at about this time, I try to look ahead. I scan my calendar for key dates, then work back and assess just how much time I need leading up to those benchmarks to comfortably complete my writing work while making progress on Christmas cards, menus plans, and all the other activities for this season. I do this with my "optional" works, too, those pieces not under deadline but no less important creatively.

Writing too quickly, or too distractedly, can erode style and depth of any piece, fiction or non-fiction. Being mindful of the unusually busy next couple of months also ensures that the quality of the work will be preserved. 

One other thought on the subject: Heaping holidays on top of pressing deadlines can lead to the exclamation, "How will I ever do it all?!?" If you need encouragement in that regard, you might find some inspiration in a recent radio interview I gave on Relevant Radio. There's a link to it on the homepage of my website –

Next month, I'll get back to talking about the "how" of writing. But I hope that this departure from the usual will help with planning for the rest of the year. And I hope that, with better time management, you'll have oodles of hours to enjoy all the beautiful things that this very special time of year brings!



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R. J. Larson’s journey to publication

"DC_Spencer"Greetings from fall-draped Colorado. Davalynn Spencer here, visiting with author R. J. Larson whose second book of her Books of the Infinite series hits stores in November.

Rarely is publishing success an overnight venture, R. J. How did you get into writing?

My personal road to publication was actually a long twenty-years-plus hike through the publishing field. I’ve been a book fanatic since my parents first placed books within my reach. But writing…well, writing books never occurred to me until my sister-in-law, Kathi Macias, became an editor/writer and inspired me to write. I cut my author-teeth, so to speak, on writing devotionals for
anthologies and I wrote several historical manuscripts while my children
were young, but the third manuscript, Biblical fiction, was the first
to sell.