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Writing Series on Coach Talk Radio

Angela Breidenbach, author/speaker/radio host

Writing Series on Coach Talk Radio

Coach Talk Radio host, Sandra Beck and co-host, CAN president and best-selling author, Angela Breidenbach talk and teach about how to create a writing career in 13 episodes. Special guest stars include quite a few CAN member authors. Also on iTunes.

  • Writer’s Series: Research Techniques Angela Breidenbach and Sandra Beck interview special guest star award-winning author, Lena Nelson Dooley, on research techniques. Lena hosts “The Lena Nelson Dooley Show” on the Along Came a Writer blog radio network.
  • Writer’s Series: Marketing and Branding Angela Breidenbach discusses marketing and branding with host, Sandra Beck. Tips and techniques along with ideas on low-cost marketing and ideas for marketing without spending a dime!
  • Writer’s Series: Creating Tension Angela Breidenbach and Sandra Beck discuss creating tension w/special guest stars Dr. Richard Mabry and Sandra Orchard. Dr. Richard Mabry is a retired physician, now writing “medical suspense with heart.” Sandra Orchard writes fast-paced, keep-you-guessing mysteries with a dash of sweet romance.
  • Writer’s Series: Character Arcs Angela Breidenbach discusses character arcs with special Guest Sarah Sundin, author of eight historical novels, including Anchor in the Storm.
  • Writer’s Series: Traditional Vs. Self Publishing Angela Breidenbach visits with Sandra on the common questions of traditional versus self (now called indie) publishing.
  • Writer’s Series: Finding the Right Literary Agent Angela Breidenbach with show host, Sandra Beck, discuss finding your agent with special guest, literary agent Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency.
  • Writer’s Series: Editing & Proofreading Special guest star, Kathy Ide, author of Proofreading Secrets of Best Selling Authors.
  • Writer’s Series: Plots & SubPlots Angela Breidenbach visits with Sandra Beck on creating compelling stories.
  • Writer’s Series: Conferences & Associations Angela Breidenbach, CAN president, visits with Sandra Beck on what first time authors need to know about conferences and associations, what to join, what to expect, and how to make the most out of your conference and association experience.
  • Writer’s Series: The Synopsis and Book Proposals Angela Breidenbach and Sandra Beck discuss what first time authors need to know about preparing a synopsis and a book proposal.
  • Writer’s Series: Avoiding Rejection Angela Breidenbach, CAN president, and Sandra Beck discuss submitting to publishing houses, literary agents, and attending conferences.
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Marketing and Writers Conferences – Update


Ava Pennington
Author, Ava Pennington

Hi, all – Ava Pennington here, back from the Florida Christian Writers Conference (FCWC).

While I was at the conference last week, I blogged about the relationship between marketing our books and attending writers conferences. If you missed it, here’s the link.

This week I’d like to compare that post with my actual experience.


Marketing Through Writers Conferences


Ava Pennington
Author, Ava Pennington

Hi, all – Ava Pennington here writing from sunny Florida. This time I’m at a location a little farther north in Florida than I’m usually found. For the next several days, I’ll be attending the Florida Christian Writers Conference (FCWC).

What does attending a writers conference have to do with marketing your book? Quite a bit!


Writing craft

The Writer as Learner

BioPicBlues Jan–nostalgic and wishing we could get together and chat about writing over a cup of tea or coffee.

Yesterday, I slid a package out from my mailbox at the end of the country road where I live. Inside, along with a couple of text books I ordered, was a book about writing nonfiction and understanding the editor’s perspective. Earlier today, I turned to another resource to look up a grammar tip. What was that rule about . . .?

After that, I read a few blogs I visit from time to time and read about writing and marketing. On a recent road trip, I listened to an entire track from a 2009 Mount Hermon conference on article writing and a few others on speaking.

I love to remain curious and learn new things generally, but I know I must when it comes to my writing. I’m guessing you know that too. After all, you stop by this blog to read the posts hoping to pick up something new and interesting.

How do we, as professionals, take it a couple steps beyond perusal to making it a part of what we know well and apply to our writing?

I’d like to offer one quick two-part tip for today: