Jesse Florea

Jesse Florea

Jesse Florea

Jesse Florea has worked at Focus on the Family for nearly twenty years. For the past eighteen, he’s been the editor of Focus on the Family Clubhouse (for boys and girls ages eight to twelve). He currently serves as the editorial director of youth publications. He’s also worked as the associate editor of Breakaway magazine (teen boys) and developed and edited the Growing Years Edition of Focus on the Family magazine and the Focus on Your Child’s Tween Ages newsletter.

Additionally, Jesse has written or co-written more than a twenty books (including The One Year Sports Devotions for Kids, Adventures of Average Boy: Growing Up Super Average, and The One-Year Father-Daughter Devos). Between these books, several books he worked on with Lee Strobel, and sports biographies that Florea has published with Zonderkids and Barbour, he has sold well over a quarter of a million books. He and his wife, Stephanie, have two grown children and live in Colorado Springs.

He lives with his wife, Stephanie, and two teenagers, Nate and Amber, in Colorado Springs.

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Newest book: The One Year Devotions for Active Boys

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