by Donna Schlachter

The Sweet Sprinkles Limited Anthology is a multi-author project originated by author Jennifer Miller. She wanted to put out sweet stories of romance and humor that included cake or cupcakes of some kind, in honor of her mother, who made the best cakes ever (according to Jennifer). So she gathered a group of 20 authors, set the ground rules for the collection, and got a cover designed. The goal was to release just before Mother’s Day 2022, and to target the stories for mothers.

A few interesting facts about Mother’s Day that I thought you’d enjoy:

  • The first official Mother’s Day in the US was celebrated in 1914, although its creator, Anna Jarvis, came up with the idea in 1908.
  • Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world, although often the “mother” focus isn’t on physical mothers, but on goddesses and Mother Church
  • Anna Jarvis eventually found the entire event too commercialized, and spoke out against the holiday, even launching lawsuits against groups that used the phrase “Mother’s Day” against her personal wishes.

In recent years, the holiday has been used to promote equal rights between men and women.


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