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The profession we’ve chosen can be a lonely one. For a lot of writers this is a comfortable place to be–at home with our computers and books. But even for those who like solitude, there comes a point when it’s too much of a good thing. None of us were created to go it alone, and as Christian writers it becomes even more important for us to find ways to connect with others. Here are some ways you can find a few friends for the journey.

  1. If you’ve read any of my posts before you know I am a big proponent of attending Christian writers’ conferences. When writers’ attend a conference they usually have a goal of getting published, but one of the biggest benefits is making lifelong connections with other writers.
  2. Facebook is a great way to connect with other writers but if may take some effort. Begin by friending other authors who write in your genre. Then you can friend their friends and it is these friends who, after seeing their posts for a while or checking out their Facebook pages, you can direct message them about developing more of a connection. This should be a peer to peer effort, so look for someone who is at the same place in their journey so you can walk together.
  3. A writers’ group can be a lifeline. I know that I might have never been published without my Word Weavers critique group, but I also developed some of my closest and deepest friendships that have sustained me through the ups and downs of this crazy business.
  4. Pray. Ask God to help you find a writer friend. Just this week I made a connection for a new author to someone who writes the same things. He’d been praying for that connection and I was blessed to be a part of God’s answer to that prayer. He will answer your prayer, too.

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