His Gift by Joan C. Benson

His Gift by Joan C. Benson

We shared a review of His Gift on October 10, 2020, and here’s another terrific review for this novel!

His Gift: This historical novel is suitable for all ages, but the main character is in her late teens. This book is written to appeal to the YA audience, the NA audience, and every adult who has ever cared to dream.

Brace yourself for a thrilling race with twists and turns as a young woman is determined to see her dream come true. On the cusp of the stock market crash of 1929, seventeen-year-old Molly has aspirations for a career in music after high school. With the passion of an athlete preparing for the Olympics, she trains relentlessly to become the best she can be.

As her world collapses in unimaginable ways, she is left to find peace and purpose in the midst of her crisis. The message of His Gift is universal to anyone who has ever dared to dream in spite of uncontrollable circumstances. With Molly, the reader will discover the hope and peace found in a life yielded to the Giver of all gifts.


A review from Dr. Craig von Buseck, reprinted by permission:

Why are so many people intrigued by the character of George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life? He was a talented young man with great dreams who ended up living a very different life than he expected because of life’s unexpected turns. The character of Molly in Joan Benson’s book, His Gift, is in many ways a female version of George Bailey. She is a talented young female pianist who wins a student audition for the opportunity to play with the Detroit Symphony. The Great Depression dashed that dream just as it was beginning to blossom. Like George Bailey, Molly must find ways to overcome the grinding disappointment to discover her own wonderful life. Joan Benson has crafted a delightful tale based on her mother’s story that is sure to inspire you to pursue your dreams despite all odds.

~ Dr. Craig von Buseck, author of I am Cyrus, Harry S. Truman and the Rebirth of Israel, and Nobody Knows: The Harry T. Burleigh Story


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Joan C. Benson, Author

Joan C. Benson, Author

Joan Benson is a freelance writer, a former (K-8) classroom teacher and reading specialist, and a wife a mother of four adult children. She enjoys traveling to spend time with her eight cherished grandchildren who live in various parts of the nation. Joan has produced devotional materials for CBN.com, written numerous magazine articles (most recently for LifeWay’s ParentLife and Regent University’s The Christian Leader). She developed children’s Sunday School curriculum for over twelve years for LifeWay. In addition, Joan continues to write for an array of educational publishers (K-12), developing both teacher and student facing materials, including fiction, nonfiction, and assessments. Joan’s debut historical novel, His Gift, was released in July 2020. Joan and her husband, Jan, live in Chesapeake, VA, with their two Bichon Frisé pets.


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