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Raising Kids for Tomorrow’s World by Stan and Cheryl Schuermann is a Christian nonfiction resource for parents. From “Discover Boldness” to “Be the One Your Children Want to Imitate,” parents will be strengthened to persevere with confidence. They will discover the essentials for building a culture of faith in the home and preparing their children to walk with Christ in an increasingly conflicted world.





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Book review from Dr. Kevin Bradford:

“Stan and Cheryl Schuermann have woven a warm and inviting tapestry of biblical principles, observations and counsel from a variety of specialists, and reflections from their own experiences in raising a family. The result is an insightful trail guide to assist both those just beginning the journey of parenthood, as well as veterans in need of direction or encouragement. While the collection of chapters systematically addresses a variety of issues, one could open to any of them at random and discover nuggets of timeless wisdom. 

“The tone is surprisingly lighthearted, given the importance of the topic. But the advice is rock solid. The reader is drawn in by references to popular culture, accounts of the authors’ own struggles, and fresh analogies. But the discussions invariably lead to an ‘Aha’ moment when details converge, and the principles come into focus. The latter can be further fleshed out by the variety of questions at the conclusion of each chapter. Whether discussed by parents, scrutinized by a group of friends, or simply engaged by someone concerned with the family, Raising Kids is an invaluable resource in an age of uncertainties.”

~ Dr. Kevin Bradford, Founder, Perspectives Brazil; Adjunct Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary 




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Stan & Cheryl Schuermann


Stan and Cheryl Schuermann have devoted themselves since 1999 to teaching and encouraging parents in the local church. Raising Kids for Tomorrow’s World is their first co-authored book. The Schuermanns raised four sons and now enjoy the blessings of thirteen grandchildren. Cheryl is the author of When the Water Runs: Growing Up With Alaska (Pen It Publications, 2019) and two books for children. Websites: https://preservingthefamily.com/   https://cherylschuermann.com/

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