Especially for You: Unexpected Blessings from God

Lena Nelson Dooley Show
Lena Nelson Dooley Show

Especially for You: Unexpected Blessings from God by Lena Nelson Dooley

My latest novel, A Heart’s Gift, became a finalist in the Faith, Hope, and Love Readers Choice Award in the Long Historical category. I had entered that contest, formerly the Inspirational Christian Readers Choice award, several times, but I never finaled before. I praised the Lord for giving me this special gift. Anytime I win an award, I know it comes from Him. I didn’t expect to win, because the other two books finalists were from Bethany Publishing. Most Christian fiction writers want to be published by Bethany. And my book is an agent-assisted independently published book.

I knew the week of the Romance Writers of America national conference would be in late July. I didn’t check to see what days. I guess I assumed it would be like the American Christian Fiction Writers conference, Thursday through Sunday.

On Thursday morning of that week, I received a call from the contest coordinator. When I heard who it was, I had the quick thought. She must need to ask me a question.

Then she said, “I don’t know if you’ve heard about the winners from last night.”

I felt like a bell went off in my head and this thought chased it. They don’t call the losers.

Quickly, I asked her, “You’re not calling me to tell me I won, are you?

She assured me she was, and I burst out crying. The rest of that day, I was either laughing or crying. Another very special blessing from God.

We’ve put both the print edition and the Kindle edition of the book on a special sale until September 1.

Have you ever had something extra special happen to you unexpectedly? Please tell us about it.