Quilting Encouragement with Mary Tatem


Lifting her feet high in order to run through the loose sand, the five-year-old girl’s face broadcast her delight in seeing me. She threw her arms around my legs. I bent to plant a welcoming kiss on her blonde curls, my heart awash with love for this precious child. Our faces beamed with smiles, and both of us laughed out loud at the joy of being together. In a moment she was back playing with her beach toys, but the bond between us was reinforced by that enthusiastic greeting. Her zeal wasn’t always so exuberant, when she was younger, there were times she clung shyly to her mother’s skirts.  We grandmas love regardless of the ability of the little one to respond.

If we faulty humans can love while we wait for our grandchildren to discover we are worthy of their trust and time, how much more patience does our heavenly Father, who embodies perfect love, possess? It’s easy to run with eagerness to embrace Him with praise when He delights our heart with successful undertakings. However, sometimes we are burdened with disappointment and we fail to seek Him out or even turn away from Him. I believe God’s smile is even broader than a grandma’s when we run to Him is those times of rejection and setbacks, even in writing. Better yet, He has the power to set things right when He bends to kiss our life. He’s always ready to receive us in good times and bad.


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Mary Tatem is an author of story based devotional books which boost your spirits. Each devotion uses the craft of quilting or scrapbooking to touch the reader’s heart and show the love of God. Her every day examples of God’s involvement in our lives provide encouragement to rely on God.  She enjoys speaking to women and inspires them to trust God and His warm love. Currently, she is using her love of story to write historical novels.

As the mother of four and grandmother of fifteen, she finds life full of inspiring stories. Join her to read about God’s work in His people.




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