Thank you to CAN member and contributor Michelle Medlock Adams for today’s edition of Fascinating Fridays!

I had just finished signing my latest children’s book at the Guideposts Booth at the largest Christian Book Show. To celebrate my signing, my mom and my sister took me to lunch at a beautiful restaurant in downtown Atlanta. As we studied the menu, I couldn’t help but notice a group of women sitting at a nearby table. You know why I noticed them? Because they were all staring at me.

I tried to ignore them, but their staring turned to pointing and whispering. I started feeling a little self-conscious. Just as the waitress brought our food, I watched as one of the ladies slowly walked toward our table.

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” she said, “but I just had to meet you. Your book literally changed my life.”

I smiled nervously, wondering how a Christmas children’s book could change someone’s life. Then she handed me a copy of Beth Moore’s latest book and asked, “Would you sign this for me?”

I didn’t want to misrepresent myself but I also didn’t want to embarrass this sweet woman who had bravely crossed the restaurant to meet Beth Moore.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a copy of “Memories of the Manger,” signed it, and said, “I’m not actually Beth Moore. I’m Michelle Medlock Adams but I hope you’ll enjoy my latest children’s book.”

She politely took my book and rejoined her group. I’m pretty sure her friends never let her live that down, and my family teased me about it for days. But you know what? I was just thankful to be an author working for the Lord, serving alongside bestselling authors like Beth Moore. Fast forward to November 2019. I had just finished teaching a session at a Serious Writer event, and woman flagged me down in the back of the room.

“I can’t stay for the whole event but I wondered if you’d sign this book for me before I go.”

“Of course,” I said, as she handed me a very worn copy of “Platinum Faith”—a book that I coauthored with Bethany Jett.  I couldn’t help but notice the amount of notes and highlighting on the pages.

“Sorry about the condition of the book,” she added. “I have read it several times. It changed my life.”

I signed her book and hugged her before she left.

Then I cried tears of gratefulness, totally in awe of God.

Fourteen years and 60-plus books later, the Lord let me see that what I write makes a difference, too. And here’s what I want you to know—the words you write could also change somebody’s life so keep writing.

Michelle Medlock Adams is a NY Times Best-selling ghostwriter and an award-winning journalist of more than 1,700 articles and 100 books. With close to 4 million copies sold, she has earned over 70 industry awards from the Associated Press, the Society of Professional Journalists, and the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, to name a few.

When not writing or teaching writing, Michelle enjoys bass fishing with her husband Jeff and watching Doris Day movies. To learn more, check out her website at: online.

Michelle is celebrating the recent release of her children’s books, Cuddle-up Prayers and I Love You Bigger Than the Sky. Michelle is also a much sought after writing instructor, having taught at more than 100 writers conferences. And, she has served as an adjunct professor, teaching “Writing for Children” at Taylor University three different years.

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