watercolor-dreams-front-coverWatercolor Dreams

By Sherry Kyle

October 10, 2016

ISBN 10: 1537183125

ISBN 13: 978-1537183121

He strolled into her painting . . . and into her heart.

It’s 1910 and Anna Lewis wants to become a premier watercolor artist of the lush beaches of Carmel, California. When a man strides down the beach and stops to face the ocean, Anna sketches him into her painting. Was it a mistake? Anna thinks so when he approaches and tells her he doesn’t have spare change to purchase her work. Spare change indeed! She’d better keep her day job as nursemaid to two rambunctious boys. The minute Charles Jordan walks away, he regrets criticizing the woman’s painting but as he told the artist, he’s just been jilted at the altar. His former bride-to-be is in love with his cousin.

Will a secret from his past prevent Charles from ever loving again? And will Anna have the hope she needs when tragedy strikes and she must rely on the one man who crushed her spirit?

About the Author: 

Sherry Kyle

Sherry Kyle is a graduate of Biola University, and the author of Delivered with Love and The Heart Stone, as well as a Gold Mom’s Choice Award winner, and other books for tween girls. She lives with her husband and four almost grown children on the California coast. You can visit her on the web at www.sherrykyle.com




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