Oops, Wrong Man!

Being blind never stopped me from traveling alone across the country or abroad to speaking engagements.

But in one of those rare occasions that my hubby accompanied me, a funny thing happened to me as we headed back home. At the airport, we crossed the security point. So far, so good.

As I usually do, after I put my belt back on and hung my purse on my shoulder, I extended my arm and looped it around my husband’s arm. We began to walk away.

Suddenly, someone gripped my other arm from behind.

How rude, I thought. Who could that be?

The one pulling me back was my husband because I was walking away with another man.

Oops, Wrong Man!

International speaker and author, Janet Perez Eckles finds humor in all situations. She exerts courage in all challenges and displays passion in each opportunity to serve God.

President of JC Empowerment Ministries


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