Kathy Ide
Davalynn Spencer

Davalynn Spencer

Greetings from colorful Colorado. Davalynn Spencer here, soaking up the beauty of fall on the Front Range and thrilled to introduce author/editor, Kathy Ide.

Kathy, please tell us how you got into writing.

About twenty years ago, a friend from church asked me to help her with a conference she was running. She said I was so much help, she asked if I’d like to attend for free. “I don’t know. What kind of conference is it?” (Clearly I hadn’t paid much attention to the material I was stuffing into three-ring binders.) She told me it was a writers’ conference. “But I’m not a writer,” I said. She replied, “Maybe you are and you just don’t know it yet.” At the conference, I met people whose names were on the covers of books I had at home. I felt like I was meeting celebrities! But they were “real” people, a lot like me. And they wrote in their spare time—it wasn’t a full-time day job, as I’d always assumed. Deciding to take a shot at it, I wrote an article and submitted it to a magazine I’d never heard of until I picked up their writers’ guidelines on the freebie table. They sent me a check for $100. I was hooked!

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