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Proofreading Like a Pro #60


Hi! I’m Kathy Ide. In addition to being a published author, I’m a full-time professional freelance editor. For CAN, I’m blogging about proofreading and editing tips for writers.







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Avoid the Most Common Writing Mistakes

Georgia Shaffer
Georgia Shaffer

Georgia Shaffer from Pennsylvania

Several of my coaching clients are writers and speakers who surprisingly make similar mistakes in their writing.  Here are six suggestions I find myself repeating, which you may find helpful.

1. Write and let it sit for awhile.

Your writing should be allowed to age, like great relationships.  While you may not always have the luxury of time, plan ahead when possible. Work on other projects and come back to what you’ve written a couple of weeks later.  You’ll be stunned at what you find that you did not notice earlier.

2.  Hire a professional editor.

Even after coming back to your writing after a few weeks, you’ll miss some things that an editor will quickly notice. Whether they make your project more concise or catch a fatal flaw, editing is worth the financial investment.  A professional writer needs the help of a professional editor.