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Tension and Conflict Part 5 – Methods to Create Tension


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Each post from me these past weeks has been focused on Tension and Conflict. Today you’ll hear about ways to create tension

Earlier I described the difference between conflict and tension. Conflict is the action of two opposing forces. It is the butting of heads between ideas, needs, desires and wants, or it can be a single individual wanting two opposing things. What makes conflict important is the tension it creates. Tension creates the emotional response to the conflict. Without it, the conflict would not have much impact on the reader.

Writing craft

Intimate Storytelling – Part I Character Viewpoint

Gail from Phoenix

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One of an authors goals is to have our characters connect with our readers. They begin to care about them and to relate to their joys and sorrows. They don't want to put down the book because it's like saying good bye to a good friend.  As writers, then, we try to use writing techniques that connect in an intimate way with our readers and this can happen by our storytelling style. 

One thing that first person offers that third doesn’t is an intimacy between the POV character and the reader. In first person, reader can get inside the skin of the main character who is the narrator and and storyteller, but third person can provide a close familiarity between the POV character and the reader by writing in deep POV which also means avoiding author intrusion. Character point of view is one of the techniques an author can use.