dhfHi everyone! This is Darlene Franklin ( in my first ever Marketing post for CAN.

Do you ever wonder how to inspire interest in an older title? One that I’ve used with some success is finding unusual holidays. Of course we can use major, federal or Hallmark holidays, but for almost every book you can find a matching holiday. Consider the holidays between now and Christmas:

  • MacIntosh Apple Day (Oct 3): Perfect for An Apple for Christmas, since the hero owns an apple orchard and is named “Mac”Intosh Cortland
  • German American Day (Oct 6): Works for my three books featuring German American heroes: Lone Star Trail, A Ranger’s Trail, Love’s Glory
  • Clergy Appreciation Day (October 12): Great for my stories with pastors as heroes: Miss Bliss and the Bear and Jacob’s Christmas Dream
  • Chocolate-covered Anything Day (Dec 12) and National Chocolate Day (Dec 24) both fit my story about a chocolatier, My Candy Valentine


"GoldenKeyesParsons"Golden Keyes Parsons here looking forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior in just a little more than a week. It is a festive season with a flurry of activities. Many of us have speaking engagements this time of year, and a luncheon, tea or banquet is usually the preferred event rather than a retreat. Although it is easier to come up with a one-session message, we only have one shot at them. What we have to say needs to be crisp and to the point.

Let’s continue our discussion with some speaker DON’Ts this time…

Inspiration for Writers

Decorating for the Holidays

Sherry Kyle here, writing to you from my laptop in central California.

Sherry Kyle headshotCan you believe it’s almost December? Now that Thanksgiving is over for 2011, it’s time to decorate our homes for Christmas. I don’t know what it’s like at your house, but my kids can’t wait for the tree to go up and the decorating to begin. 

Like embellishing our homes for the holidays, our manuscripts need that something special in order to capture a reader’s attention.

Inspiration for Writers

Thriving Through the Holidays

Kern_web shot Jan here, hoping to offer a few encouraging thoughts and ideas to help you as writers thrive through the approaching holidays.

The past five or more years, I’ve headed into the Christmas season with either book deadlines or December speaking engagements (or both). I loved the work and ministry involved, but it made an already busy season extra busy. In some ways, I approached it by doing what I could to survive and get through to other side. I want to do it differently from now on.

How about you? There’s the usual excitement and activity of the season, the family events and traditions that you love to participate in. Add in writing, speaking, and marketing deadlines and goals. What can you do to keep moving forward with energy and enjoyment of all that this season holds? To do more than survive, but to actually thrive?

Five ideas . . .