Inspiration for Writers

Thriving Through the Holidays

Kern_web shot Jan here, hoping to offer a few encouraging thoughts and ideas to help you as writers thrive through the approaching holidays.

The past five or more years, I’ve headed into the Christmas season with either book deadlines or December speaking engagements (or both). I loved the work and ministry involved, but it made an already busy season extra busy. In some ways, I approached it by doing what I could to survive and get through to other side. I want to do it differently from now on.

How about you? There’s the usual excitement and activity of the season, the family events and traditions that you love to participate in. Add in writing, speaking, and marketing deadlines and goals. What can you do to keep moving forward with energy and enjoyment of all that this season holds? To do more than survive, but to actually thrive?

Five ideas . . .

1. Add five-minute rechargers throughout the day to reconnect with God, especially moments of quiet and listening to him–about your projects, about the message of Christmas, about your deepening relationship with him.

2. Combine your five-minute rechargers with stretching or taking a short, meditative walk.

3. Start one or two new commitments each week to take better care of yourself in what you’re eating or how you’re exercising, relaxing, or sleeping. Ask yourself: What specific actions can I take to be healthier and healthier each day?

4. Enjoy face-to-face time with your family and friends often. Spend time in laughter and good conversation.

5. Schedule a few, rather than too many, meaningful holiday activities and traditions that fit well for you and your family.

I’ll stop there and let you tweak or add what would support, value, and honor you, your health, and all that God is accomplishing in you as a writer. Not only can you be more productive, but you can fully enjoy this time of the year. I know I’m going to.

Here’s to a great holiday season in every way. And to thriving!


Jan writes nonfiction from her home in the foothills of the California Sierras. She is currently working on more material for the teen/ya audience and for those who deeply care about them. She also enjoys life coaching and mentoring writers. Visit her site at