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R. J. Larson’s journey to publication

"DC_Spencer"Greetings from fall-draped Colorado. Davalynn Spencer here, visiting with author R. J. Larson whose second book of her Books of the Infinite series hits stores in November.

Rarely is publishing success an overnight venture, R. J. How did you get into writing?

My personal road to publication was actually a long twenty-years-plus hike through the publishing field. I’ve been a book fanatic since my parents first placed books within my reach. But writing…well, writing books never occurred to me until my sister-in-law, Kathi Macias, became an editor/writer and inspired me to write. I cut my author-teeth, so to speak, on writing devotionals for
anthologies and I wrote several historical manuscripts while my children
were young, but the third manuscript, Biblical fiction, was the first
to sell.


Have a New Book Releasing? Let’s Party!

Hi everyone! Pamela Meyers hePam2011SmallChinFistre with my monthly post on marketing your books. Last month I described the inception of my debut novel, Thyme for Love, which released last November with OakTara Publishing. Along with describing how the idea for my story evolved, I also shared ways in which thoughts toward marketing the book materialized as the story took shape.

As soon as I learned my release date of November 14, 2011, my thoughts went to how was I going to celebrate my debut novel and, at the same time, get the word out to people in my local area about the book? What better way than a party and book-signing event? After all, we only have one debut novel in our writing lives.


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Pay It Forward

Ava Pennington
Author, Ava Pennington

Hi, all. Ava Pennington here again!

Once upon a time I was the Vice President of Human Resources for an international insurance company. The corporate rat race consumed all my energies. Writing for publication was a vague dream that belonged to another life – a life far removed from my reality.