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Pay It Forward

Ava Pennington
Author, Ava Pennington

Hi, all. Ava Pennington here again!

Once upon a time I was the Vice President of Human Resources for an international insurance company. The corporate rat race consumed all my energies. Writing for publication was a vague dream that belonged to another life – a life far removed from my reality.


When I did begin to write for publication, I approached it from a lonely perspective. Just me and my computer. Yes, I read books on writing. But it wasn’t until I connected with other writers that I realized my dream could become reality. Activities such as attending writers’ conferences, participating in critique groups, and joining writers’ associations have helped me develop my technical and professional skills as a writer.

The result has been publication of three books in the past year, with additional contracts in the works. I say this with gratitude and humility, knowing I never would have reached this place without the help and encouragement of others in the writing community.

My goal is to continue growing as a writer, but I also want to “pay forward” the assistance that was invested in me by more experienced authors. Part of paying it forward is that I am now participating on the Board of the Christian Authors Network.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve this terrific group of writers as we all use our gifts to glorify the Giver!

How about you?
How has the writing community assisted you on your journey to publication?
How can you pay it forward?